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    I have too many favorites.

    One Piece
    Seven Deadly Sins
    Deadman Wonderland
    Death Note
    Doubt (anime not out yet :()
    Judge (no anime yet)
    Secret (still no anime)
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Yamada kun and the Seven Witches
    Fairy Tale
    Prison School (not for the boobs)
    Soul Eater
    Shimoneta (again for the story not the boobs)
    My Hero Academy

    and many more manga sitting on my shelf waiting to be read
    and many more anime sitting on my virtual shelf on CrunchyRoll


  1. Ah you have changed your profile picture looks good ! ^_^

  2. Anyone here as super excited for the new Pokemon game as I am? Well, then check out this cool video on one of the new Pokemon they are adding to the Roster. It's name is Mimikyu!
  3. Nice too meet you BrittCraft! Welcome to AF!

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