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  1. Damn has been a long time since I last was on here... Made this account in 2015, I am now 21 hahaha,

    1. Wodahs


      yep ik what you mean i made mine in 2016 and tho ive only occasionally lurked in hear over the years postings only been recent again

  2. Well saddest in my opinion would be Shigatsu wa kimi no uso.
  3. Um why did no one say Shigatsu no kimi no uso the FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS IMPACTED meh life so bad I spent one day off college!
  4. http://myanimelist.net/animelist/VXDragonSlayer MEH list XD

  5. VXDragonSlayer

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

    Prodigy of an Anime I believe this anime is amazing! It visual art is fantastic and it tries its best not to go overboard. The music is outstanding well given the anime revolves around music its still outstanding!! The Good The music is godly as well as the visuals! BUT OVERALL THE PLOT is the best piece of the Anime and its near perfect! The Bad While I love this anime so much I do have to point out that I personally wish there where more concerts that Kaori and Kousei should play in. So it would deepen their relationship even further plus it would add to the feels when watching this anime!!! OVERALL this anime is near-perfect and I believe that even though the good section is fewer words than this section. I BLOODY LOVE THIS ANIME!!!!!
  6. Why dont you rate some of you anime? Also I have just started Arslan Senki from your opinion is it a good anime to watch? Also I have also watched Black Lagoon you just reminded meh I loved that anime Revy FTW!
  7. You like alot of the same anime I do! Ahaha that is cool bro! You should watch ReLIFE it is very good, you have it on your list. I think you might like it.
  8. Ah you have changed your profile picture looks good ! ^_^

  9. I have started this thread to share each others Anime lists I think it would be cool to know what each over likes and dislikes!!!! http://myanimelist.net/animelist/VXDragonSlayer This is my anime list! Please go ahead and put yo' anime list .
  10. Nice too meet you BrittCraft! Welcome to AF!

  11. I was gonna suggest Another but.... you have it as your signature so I will suggest Mayoiga because it is made by the same people that made Another.
  12. I was having a dream of owning a motorbike and riding around UK. Now after that dream I bloody want one but UK A1, A2 and 3 licenses are very very hard AND COSTS alot haha. So yea I might get a A2 license once I turn 17 next year . I could do a1 except would only be able to ride drive a 33cc moped... NOT good as there is a speed limit for 16 which I think is 30-40 mph limit.... VERY bad for main roads that do 60 or 50...Well anyways Im not going to get one but its just an idea So have guys had some strange dream similer or weird alike?
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