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  1. Bored.. suggest Me some anime's please..

    1. drill


      Watch Fate/Zero, Code Geass, or Death Note. All three are quite entertaining, imo.

    2. Manifesto


      i've seen them all :( any recommendations i like some adventure , mysteries , and action

  2. Itachi is badass enough to kill his own entire clan just to save his own village..
  3. I dont think Itachi is a villain lol.. but here's mine Hisoka (Hunter x hunter) Jellal (Fairy Tail) Meruem (Hunter x Hunter) Obito (Naruto)
  4. Manifesto


    Yo welcome to the forums.
  5. Okay Optic i can wait
  6. Welcome to AF forums hope you enjoy your stay here
  7. Tsss.. I really hate the fact that they extend naruto. Let that anime end....

    1. Seacliff


      It's all about the money these days... Oh wait, it always was.

  8. It's a good book when it has a full of mysteries.
  9. I want to visit in anime world where in all anime characters lived in that one world.
  10. "The Most Boring Fight In The Century"

  11. Thanks CynicalSnob
  12. Damn Manny won!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Manifesto


      Money win the title but Manny win our hearts. Still how can a man just go run around the ring and still won. Las Vegas is pretty bias .. congrats to Money tho.

    3. Yuuki_Radosian


      No one can deny Mayweather is good (at running away) , if he actually fought Manny , Maywether would have been put on his @$$.

    4. Manifesto


      I really can't stand Mayweather's cockiness he just said that he outclassed and outboxed Manny .

  13. Guys wanna make a blog to our forum?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Optic


      That would need dedicated writers. And to attract writers, we need more members and activity first. ;) Future project maybe.

    3. Orius


      I like the idea of a blog. Beats having a status update with a limited character count.

    4. Manifesto


      yah we should focus on our members first

  14. Manifesto


    I'm sure that it has a lots of bugs so not worth buying...
  15. The last thing i ate is rice cake and the the last thing i drink is cofee...

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