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  1. Just caught up to the latest chapter of Vinland Saga after binge reading for about a week. Such a fantastic manga, I wish I knew about this series earlier due to it's outstanding quality overall. Now I wait for the monthly releases.
  2. Been playing that Apex Legends game recently. It's a real blast with friends even though I'm not too big on BRs.
  3. My most re-watched show is probably Steins;Gate with a total of 6 viewings. Mad Scientists and Dr. Pepper are cool. El Psy Kongroo.
  4. Just unlocked all the fighters for Smash! Having a blast so far and can't wait till that first fighter dlc drops!
  5. Yes, either cause I liked it so much I wanna watch it again (Ex: Steins;Gate), usually within a year. OR it's been like 3+ years and I want to see if the opinion I had towards it initially still holds up or if my feelings have changed about it (Ex: Death Note and Higurashi). Both still hold up quite well btw. But yeah, I rewatch shows occasionally.
  6. Just finished episode 99 of Space Brothers. Such a fantastic show. Might need to read the manga now lol. Hope we get another season in the future, cause space is pretty damn cool.
  7. Ahhhh, the first Persona opening I had the pleasure of listening to in the series. I still remember when I booted up Golden for the first time on my Vita. Marvelous. 9/10 Space Brothers - Ending 2 (Only link that has it in decent quality) ^ I absolutely adore this ending.
  8. One of my favorite series, Hitman Reborn! has a character named Tsuna. Well, his title is Vongola Decimo and I thought Decimo sounded pretty dang cool since it was in Italian. That's about it. Been sticking with it ever since I watched that series back in the beginning of high school. Although I do have to create slight variations of it in most websites. Ciao!
  9. Back to watching Space Brothers. If you have any interest in space or NASA, definitely give it a go. Loving it so far.
  10. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. The hidden truth came out of nowhere and it hit me hard. Never thought I'd cry watching anime again, but it seems like that show had other plans for me.
  11. Preparing myself for Soulcalibur VI's release tomorrow!!!

  12. Never seen Inuyasha and I don't plan to, but this OP song is pretty kickin. 8/10 Steins;Gate - John Titor
  13. Reached the top 250 in the United States in Mario Tennis for the Switch.
  14. Part 5 of Jojo is lit af so far! That Opening having me like
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