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  1. Okay lets see what other underrated anime I've got hidden up my sleeves Iria Zeiram the Animation This is an interesting anime but it very simple and straight forward in all honestly with little character development but I think its an enjoyable watch overall Record of Lodoss War Kinda cool fantasy anime OVA, a little plotless almost like your that guy that misses a DND Session and when you come back the entire plot has rapidly moved forward. A Wind Called Amnesias This is a weird film Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The TV Series I know I'm a Mecha junky B Gata H Kei A short anime slice of life from the 2000s but highly enjoyable with some fun characters
  2. Oh god I've been gone forever again. So what's new Continued watching Galaxy Express 999 (Around episode 30 now) This show is really depressing. It's all poverty and misery across the galaxy, great start to the Leijiverse Continued Dragon Ball (Around 45 episodes in) I'm actually really enjoying DB not gonna lie man, Honestly can't image how good DBZ is gonna be. Completed both seasons Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion So good such a good anime. So smart and that ending oh its something else man Completed the first season of Attack on Titan FUCK YEAH HOW DID I MISS THIS! Completed the Bubblegum Crisis OVA (1987) Not the best show. A little dated but I enjoyed the ride and plus I mean... can't really complain Started Girlfriend Girlfriend I Now its trash anime tire but still I liked it for some reason So that's what I have been watching or am currently watching
  3. So after finished watching Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, I like all true Gundam fans realised that Haman Karn was best girl She was Confidant She was Mysterious She was sensual She was powerful She was dangerous And the Qubeley is easily one of the most killer designs of the U.C. Don't fight me it's just true thought yeah the Sazabi gets close and maybe the Mark-III Zaku Then I watched ZZ Gundam and was introduced to the character of Mashymer Cello Haman Karn's most loyal and sort of goofy Cyber Newtype commander, and he saw Haman Karn like me. Powerful, Sensual and Mysterious. I won't lie I enjoyed his character quite a bit, easy B or A tire U.C. gundam character, fight me and like Mashymer, I also though the world of Haman, easily best girl S tire character. But then after his death the true revelation hit Even in Anime Simp's Don't Win
  4. Okay so I watched, finally, Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Flash - Great really enjoyed it Then I watched the Gallforce Trilogy, all three films/OVAs and they where fine I guess The best part was the visuals of the space battles as infrequent as they where but the pacing was all over the place and it felt weirdly "pseudo-intellectual" in my opinion anyway. So the hunt for retro anime titles continues
  5. Been a while since I last posted here so... lets begin. First the big two shows Dragon Ball - Currently Watching Galaxy Express 999 - Currently Watching Completed: Trigun The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Made In Abyss Made In Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory - Re-watched with a friend A.I. City - Kind of just stumbled into that one Upcoming or on my more immediate plan to watch list; Payrate the Maxim Bubblegum Crisis Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Flash Who needs IRL friends when I have anime; seriously though someone help me I think I'm an addict; for retro anime
  6. 1: Visuals; If a show looks good, then the battle is pretty much won. Anime a visual medium so I guess that makes sense in a way. To be fair I do watch a lot of shows just for the overall aesthetics, Such as old vintage OVAs and the sorts like Riding Been and other shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion. 2: Vibes; Half the time I judge an anime about how it makes me feel, the vibes I get when I'm watching it. Example recently with Dragon Ball which I started watching I was mecha hyped so the vide I'm getting is that the show is good. If I was to be more objective I might say well the animation is dated or something but when I'm in the moment I can pretty much just ignore that and focus on the cool Guko fights and such. 3: Story; Form the overall plot to the character arcs, story is one of those things that I can overlook in all honesty like if the visuals or character designs are just so good like in Venus Wars or Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory , which have serviceable stories, that said good stories coupled with strong visual designs and audio just elevate any anime. 4: Audio; Audio is another important factor, mind you I'm okay with classically bad dubs. Audio in this sense is more like the music and song used or overall world tone and sound effects again this is the area like story were I'm more flexible. I say that yet I edited in the original Japanese's opening for Zeta Gundam so maybe it is more important. These songs here boys this is what we need! Also Mecha... Mecha makes any anime better, Being a mecha show is just better. I love the Mecha genre its like so cool honestly why did it have to disappear!
  7. No way new posts on my Waifu 3X3 nice! Keep the conversation going guys/girls its never a problem to fight for you waifu Plus as a bonus it amuses me!
  8. Its been a while since I was last on the forum nice to see that this thread continued in my absence This is a Film I've stumbled on in the mean time since I was last on the site; Its called A.I. City but also is called Love City Another one that's been added to my radar is GallForce, a strange series about a war between space women and... erm well find out for yourself because you wouldn't believe me if you if I told you!
  9. Damn right! Yasuko is a total MILF Also MediaConsumesMe wouldn't Saber count, she is the "father" of Sir Mordred right Your waifu face when they aren't ranked in a list of something they relate to.
  10. One that I stumbled on recently was a show called Tetsuwan Badi I just saw the opening on YouTube but it looks pretty cool Another one was a show called Uninhabited Planet Survive that's one that's been on my list for awhile. Those are two I just stumbled on anyhow. Also as a side note the forgotten gem which started this post "The Five Star Stories" will my dvd finally arrived and I'm probably gonna watch that soon.
  11. doesn't have the English dub sadly Update: No further in finding more full episodes of the show so farm found more clips so gonna try chasing leads In the meantime here a petition I found relatively new (4 mouths old) trying to get the ZZ gundam English dub released Petition · ZZ Gundam Remaster / English Dub! · Change.org Sign the petition to make this important and monumental task happen GUNDAM FANS NEED THIS!
  12. Blast false alarm. This is the zeta gundam dub looking for the zeta zeta gundam dub.
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