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  1. doesn't have the English dub sadly Update: No further in finding more full episodes of the show so farm found more clips so gonna try chasing leads In the meantime here a petition I found relatively new (4 mouths old) trying to get the ZZ gundam English dub released Petition · ZZ Gundam Remaster / English Dub! · Change.org Sign the petition to make this important and monumental task happen GUNDAM FANS NEED THIS!
  2. Blast false alarm. This is the zeta gundam dub looking for the zeta zeta gundam dub.
  3. The Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam English Dub a mystical artefact that few know off . I've wrote this off awhile ago until finding one of the episodes online by chance, episode 45, 46, 47, along with a OVA that seems to have combined the first 3 episodes. Since these have surfaced from somewhere I'm hoping that the other episodes are lurking around on the net. the hunt is on.
  4. No idea what your talking about with the "fanservice" jab their But on a more serious note the modernization of Star Blazers probably ruined the original for me having no nostalgia for it anyway., That said I have been wanting to look into the whole Leijiverse Mainly because of Harlock here, the most manliest man to ever man
  5. That feeling you get when someone else has watched the same obscure anime There's always one
  6. I think I've heard off it before somewhere, its one of those female duo cop/investigation/action anime if I'm not mistakes similar to Dirty Pair That said if this is the show then its gonna be on MAL no questions asked
  7. Yes to this and agreed with the take on the movie and the need for a proper attempt to make a more complete anime series, Alita deserved better Totally need to re-watch the OVA now Never heard of this one so I'll have to check it out. I think I heard of this one, its a mecha right? Never mind MECHA confirmed! wait you also watched Gunbuster! Pond it bro! Also Macross looks awesome! J-pop can beat aliens. Need to watch that shit pronto
  8. Recently stumbling upon some hidden and barely talked about anime film titled "The Five Star Stories" got me thinking about anime hidden gems. Vintage OVAs and cult classics form the early 00's that have kind of faded into obscurity. The trailer for anyone wondering! So back to the point of the post Anime Hidden Gems; OVAs and Theatrical Films like Burn Up! Blue Comet SPT Layzner OP, Armitage the Third Riding with Bean, Dragons Heaven, Venus Wars and the Crusher Joe film and OVAs So the rules for this post is simple Any amines, be them films, OVAs or series that are not widely popular or talked about within the anime community. They can be anything ranging from cult classics, vintage OVA series to pieces of forgotten media They don't have to be 70's or 80's just anything that is considered "cult media" or deep down on the Otaku Iceberg. The Hunt Is On!
  9. Good anime which I found bad that's a difficult question Either way time to start a fandom war in the comment! I remember not really enjoying the original Space Battleship Yamato (1974) anime series. I'm not sure if it was the fact I watched the remake first, which and lets be honest better visuals. Mind you I think that was the case of a really bad and dated dub that I watched and maybe it's better subbed. Puella Magi Madoka Magic was another one that a friend, thinking of you MediaConsumesMe showed me and I didn't really enjoy it either but I think that's probably because I don't really care for Magical Girls Sorry Madoka fans! This one might be because I never watched any magical girl shows before IDK One more was Ergo Proxy, like it started off great but kind of lost itself near the middle sort of like Evangelion... but still It could have also been because I ended up pausing watching the show partway though due to coursework at the time so that probably had an impact on my initial viewing. Mind you I do want to re-watch most of these as I feel like I must have missed something, as they are all considered some variation of Retro-Classic, Cult Classic and Modern Classic.
  10. Fellow Taiga Aisaka fan it seems. Well MediaConsumesMe will defiantly agree with Saber being on your 3X3
  11. Okay that looks pretty boss
  12. Just finished Death Note tonight a friend was showing me it, and honestly I get that. That show was 100% hype to the extreme and the ending was amazing. That said another one that I'd re-watch instantly would be Gurren Lagann, that was also extreme to the extreme. I agree with this, it is very enjoyable to gather the boyz around and share an anime, mind you it can be hard watching long running series so tend to focus on anime movies and ova's personally. Also as a separate topic. I find it really hard to find fellow Mecha Fans (I know where a dying bread) but when was the last time anyone really talked about mecha shows? Is it the industry or just that the golden years of Mecha is long since past with only a few films and series coming close to capturing the magic of the older series like Mobile Suit Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Code Geass.
  13. Finished Death Note. Got my friend though Samurai Champaloo. Watched the first special for Violet Evergardern Death Note was beast! Great show big recommend Also after watching Samurai Champloo again I think i got the vibe of the show more. So recommend. Next on the hit list is gonna be... the Violet Evergarden movie + second special? It's a really pretty anime Then gonna watch the Gundam Unicorn Series I'm a mecha fan what can I say... giant robots in space is cool
  14. Just finished Blue Comet SPT probably a week ago (need to watch the OVAs that expanded on the ending though) then binge watched Violet Evergarden, currently finishing up Death Note and showing a friend Samurai Champloo. Next on my hit list is probably Trigun, Mobile Suit Gundam Compilation Movies, Code Geass, Hunter X Hunter and City Hunter. Either way I still got nearly 200 anime on my plan to watch list. I need help
  15. currently watching three shows Blue Comet SPT Layzner I like 80s Mecha shows Death Note Because I'm constantly behind on good shows Highschool of the Dead (HOTD) Well the reason for this one is sort of obvious
  16. Whilst I would argue on the rule breaking you put Taiga Aisaka on the 4X4 So I random guy on the internet forgive your transgressions I have to say... I like the MILFS. Lets start a hashtag #NEVERFORGETMILFWAIFU
  17. That would be Yamada from B-Gata H-Kei. I know I have taste Also I'm going to judge the three by three you posted. Love It. Though not enough tsunderes for me.
  18. Well I can respect loyalty but remember Clavius your husbando won't know if you have more than one. Mind you that not very smart considering my list was an tsunderes (Intepertation of what would happen if Anime Wiafus where really pictured above I used Manga Studios 5EX Just grabbed images online and smashed them together I was almost 100% sure that you where an elitist but then... Astolfo
  19. Okay here's a topic to start a flame war Post your Anime Waifu 3X3 Don't worry guys no wrong answer's Here's mine
  20. Finished Gurren Lagann Its like the anime equivalent of levelling up Bye... for now
  21. I finally finished legend of the galactic heroes (1988) OVA An absolute masterpiece in all honesty even started buying the books
  22. Wolfgang Mittermeyer and Oskar von Reuenthal
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