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  1. Greetings and welcome! feel free to tell us things about yourself, make yourself at home
  2. Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums!
  3. The last discussion about resolutions was quite a few years ago, for now I'm okay with anything that's reasonable for the display
  4. I don't recall anything specific about the weight of your profile picture, I believe it is automatically rejected if it's too large, so don't worry about it
  5. Myouya


    Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums! Enjoy your stay
  6. I was only doing my job as community manager! don't worry about it, really
  7. I understand the frustration against incels, but against poor people?
  8. (Forum admin here, I strong suggest reading our community guidelines if you wish to be part of the discussion! all AI generated images are not allowed, just as a heads-up)
  9. I'm not sure if it counts as non-anime, since it's slightly similar in aesthetic, but I recently started watching Avatar the last Airbender (the cartoon), and it's got me hooked fairly quickly
  10. Oh I'm sure there's a 'market' for it! but it doesn't change the fact that it's still really disgusting and harmful to real minors
  11. That's right! Links for self promotion are only allowed on your own profile or blog, so that only people who interact with you directly see it. You can definitely talk about it elsewhere though, it's like so to avoid new accounts from promoting themselves and then vanishing
  12. Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums!
  13. Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums!
  14. This is really odd, one is 3D and the other is 2D, completely different mediums... Maybe they just dump anything that isn't "live action" into the "cartoon" category, and consider it all the same?
  15. Make yourself back at home, it's always delightful to see people reborn
  16. Even calling it AI 'art' feels wrong to me, I refer to them as AI generated images, and that doesn't sound so invasive anymore. Besides the fact that the engines steal from their copying sources, the only and single utility I can see for AI images are playing with a machine. Giving it some funny words and seeing what comes out, nothing serious, something in the likes of "make up a flag for unicorns eating carbonara", and having fun with what it makes, but nothing further.
  17. Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums! Make yourself at home
  18. Hello, would you mind specifying on the title or the post what the survey is about? It will get people more interested that way
  19. Myouya


    Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums!
  20. Absolutely! I'll take care of it right away
  21. Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums! I hope you have a fantastic stay
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