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  1. I’m the original poster, I asked this question because I really was disgusted by a lot of anime/ more but more so manga and hentai anime depicting children in sexual scenarios. I think for me I can know it’s not really children, it’s not real fotos, but I often wonder if people who draw porn of small children in their manga, are they using real child porn as references, I don’t know,l??? will they ever admit to it? Idk do I think all use references of chile porn? no, do I think all mangakas who draw lolis are pedophiles, no. But im sure some are and it’s always itching at the back of my head if I’m seeing art inspired by child porn. It’s hard to avoid it, you Google an anime you like and loli art pops up, suggestions, I think for me my heart gets heavy everytime I think of is this based off a real child? Did they trace over a real child. Child porn in Japan wasn’t illegal till 1999 and illegal to own until 2014. You could go to a store and buy it in the shady section. I know not everyone who like lolis are pedos, but I know some are and considering how lax publishers are with publishing anyone’s work it’s disturbing I think people who make this type of art should be investigated and made sure they aren’t doing anything nefarious. If I could have it my way i wouldn’t ban it causing banning things makes things worse; at least at first I’d make the public image of loli unpalatable by exposing all the disgusting things it portrays and basically sometimes you need to shame people foe why they like. And then once it’s let’s “normal” to the public I’d ban it. In a perfect world. Basically I think background checks should be done for people who draw this type of pornography. Sexualization of children, even in manga should be taken more seriously. For me, maybe I’ve become more sensitive to it but even if I’m watching an anime I like that is relatively free of anything sexual or weird it’s always at the back of my head that I’m participating. I like anime and manga, I search it up and BAM, suggestion “I’m not a lolicon trending manga is being suggested, and so many things where i feel ill explode. Do you at least understand what I’m trying to say or convey? Can you understand why I’m disturbed, as a woman who was once a young girl as well it’s just I feel disrespected in away, exploited? Thank you everyone who’s answered this thread, truly I’ve felt isolated or weird by the way I feel. I love to draw and I love animation and anime has done so many great things but I just often wonder peoples true intentions when they draw things. Even anime that’s pretty normal if they have a weird shot of a young girls legs for too long, I’m like why? Is the animator a pedo? Is it just to pander to loliicons? I can’t ever know who is a pedo and how is a lolicon. Some like cartoons others real children. Sometimes they overlap and because I have to see it when I searching up anime or cute anime girl. It’s like HERES HER 8 year old ASS. It’s like a little knife to the heart everytime. Alwyas at the back of my mind. Why? I saw that vice vidoe where they talk about manga and it’s underage porn problem. Some guy who publishes manga, he has a job and he said “ I draw this manga based off real sex crimes against children in Japan, not my own experiences. And I was like OH UM THATS STILL DISGUSTING SIR. Go to jail and for. Who would do that?? Draw sex crimes. He admitted this on camera. He also admitted he was a pedofile and this helps to keep him from committing. Bullshit my ass he does it because he is either A. Is committing or B. Scared to commit cause he’ll get caught. The manga you draw just fuels it. You admitted to drawing about REAL CASES. If you disagree please tell me why? I genuinely want to know. How can you disassociate the two. How are you ok with seeing it. Even if you don’t enjoy it. I see it and immediately want to vomit. I used to not be so sensitive I don’t know why I am now, am I just becoming more aware of how damaging it is to me? And society idk. Lastly wanted to add when I say loli I mean in the sense of child being drawn in sexually suggestive manner or blatant pornography. Boy or girl. Seeing a girl or boy who looks 10 with their ass out is not something we need to see, it’s not funny or adds to the plot, it’s just weird. People who like lolis cause they’re cute and not sexualized, that’s different. I like cute characters too, it’s the sexualizing. Why do I need to see her vagina indent in her panty shot?? It’s happened too many times. It’s just too acceptable, people who like this stuff will still exist I just wish it was harder to find and more obscure, if it has to exist.
  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is more and more disturbed by how much sexualization of young kids are in anime. I love studio ghibli because they never sexualize the children and I know Miyazaki himself is very disturbed by a lot of anime and manga. I just don’t understand it. Why is it so normalized? It makes me side eye creators who do it. I’m like are you a closet pedo? Or just a weird fictional loli lover, which is still weird. I’ve seen throughout my time on the Internet many who like loli or draw it say they only like loli anime characters and they would never actually like real children, I want to believe them but I am aware some will be lying. I sort of get it but not really. For example, I love reading shoujo manga and I end up liking a character who is probably 16 but I would never actually like a real 16 year old that’s absolutely out of the question. I kind of equate it to that but it’s like living out a shoujo fantasy cause I was 16 and wanted to fall in love, lol. But with loli im like oh this is a character that looks 10 and is sitting on the older guys face and im like WHO IS WRITING THIS GARBAGE. Even famous mangakas will have moments in their manga, or weird angles that im like is this because it’s a dynamic shot ? Or are y’all weirdos? You won’t know. I guess what im trying to get at is. How do we enjoy media that’s steeped in such problematic behavior? Here’s the thing almost all things if you look into it long enough, especially in media you’ll find something horrible. So many musicians are pedos, actors, singers, writers, etc. It’s so difficult to enjoy things when you know it’s history. With anime and manga it’s more apparent cause it’s normalized and people just turn a blind eye, but I still think we need to talk about it more and hold people accountable like that disgusting mangaka of rurouni kenshin who was found with child porn, and said he likes elementary school girls to like young middle school. I was like how is he not in jail? He didn’t serve any jail time and his manga is still ongoing and he has a reboot of kenshin coming out. Why are they supporting this man, even other well known mangakas are supporting him, whether it be japans weird societal rules to not speak out especially cause you all work for the same manga serializing company, or they think he served his crime( he paid a penalty) and they think he’s better, or they just don’t care enough. A child in a bathtub shouldn’t be seen as creepy or sexual but when I see it in anime or manga written by a man I’m like why you put this in? Why we got to see her silhouette or outline of her butt, normally it’s like oh it’s a naked kid taking a bath, but in anime I’m like what pervert is this for??? Things that shouldn’t be sexualized are and I’m tired of it. I’m just glad I’m not alone.
  3. Hey so I want to have an open conversation about something I think people maybe overlook or try not to think to heavily about, which is what I did for a long time but recently I can’t anymore it’s like my mind unlocked info and now I can’t turn it off. We all know anime has a lot of fan service right? Well usually I can ignore it cause it’s usually just a high-school girl with big boobs and her panties are showing, stereotypical. I’m talking about the other issue. The sexualization of very young girls and or young looking girls. For example, I’m scrolling on a website to read a manga and I come across one with a girl in elementary school flashing her panties and I’m like what is this? I just ignore it but I do want to ask how is it so widely accepted? I know most people see it and go oh god but we also like don’t riot or try and take it down. It’s considered freedom of expression or the argument is “the author isn’t a pedo he likes anime lolis”. It got me to thinking though when manga artists who do draw sexualized anime girls( specifically very young ones) are they using a reference in their head? Do they have a reference of a real life little girl and use her to draw, or is it more they use reference of a made up adult but just makes them smaller in their head, or do they use other loli characters as reference so on and so fourth or do they make up the anime girl completely without any reference whether real or fake. I just couldn’t get it out of my head if they’re using real children as reference to draw whether they use fotos of images in their head of real kids they’ve seen. Even big time anime’s or mangakas will draw young girls flashing their non existent cleavage or showing panties, one good example is Shirō from no game no life. she’s literally 11 but so sexualized. It’s so prevalent in other shows and mangas and they tend to be created by men as well. I love anime and manga, I really do, but I just wanted to get opinions from other people who see this happening as well, how do you cope? Or are you also not coping well. Do you have any more knowledge and insight from artists who do draw loli characters? Are they not using real kids and reference. The problem here to is there will be artists who are creeps and do use real children, I guess I’m talking about the majority of the community that draws that kind of stuff, what do they use as reference if any. Thank you for listening to me ramble, I just feel like this is an important topic and want to talk to other people who either feel the same way I do or who have different opinions or thoughts. :)
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