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  1. Animewolf07

    Little witch academia like or dislike?

    I loved the anime too! It was a great fun adventure and really cute!!
  2. Animewolf07

    Supernatural romance anime?

    How about trying Dance in the vampire bund. That ones pretty good. Enjoy watching 😜
  3. Animewolf07

    Little witch academia like or dislike?

    Personally I like lwa I also love shipping diakko! What are your thoughts on them and lwa? I also love drawing them hbu?
  4. That's awesome good luck!
  5. I drew an image (well tried) in digital art( just starting out little over a month) Its of Kyoko and Sayaka from Madoka magica. Anyways what are your plans for the year? Done anything so far? Did ya party? lol anyways lets hear it!
  6. Animewolf07

    Kyosaya pic

    Kyoko and Sayaka from Madoka Magica Snuggling. Tried out Digital Drawing. Happy New Year
  7. Animewolf07

    Drew a NozoEli picture!

    Here's a ruffsketch of dia and kanan. 😜 found an image on the internet and tried my best still need to get the hang of hands and eyes thanks for the great suggestions👍
  8. Animewolf07

    Does anyone watch ghibli movies

    I also adore princess mononoke. The wolves in that movie are great I've drawn them many times. I have to agree with you no matter how many times I watch ghibli movies they never sees to put a smile on my face.
  9. Animewolf07

    Does anyone watch ghibli movies

    I just joined so this might be a little eh.... But does anyone watch ghibli movies like Nausicaa of the valley of the wind , My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service , Howl,s Moving Castle etc. I love his work tell me what you think. Whats your favorite?
  10. Animewolf07

    The How Am I Feeling Blog

    Feeling a little down. Had to put down two of my animals this week luckily i have anime and friends.
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