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  1. @efaardvark : Definitely gonna try this one, thank you @yona hime : I think I've tried to watch an episode or two but I can't seem to enjoy the oldschool style of drawing and animation...But I might give it another try some day.
  2. Thanks everyone for the recommendations! However most of the titles mentioned above don't really fit that much, sadly. All the specifications I've listed are of the same importance to me. It might seem trivial whether the human is girl or boy, but even such a minor feature is essential to me Or if they are of modern age or of some fictional magic-based madieval-like realm - again, it's essential Gomenne, I know I'm awfully picky...The thing is I'm usually not into romance at all - not in anime, not in movies, not in books, not in music, not in real life either But this very specific kind of storyline somehow enticed me so I'm looking for more examples. Anyway I surely am grateful for your efforts and I'm going to keep on searching. Arigato gozaimasu!
  3. Hi everyone, lately I've been really enjoying the theme of yokai/demon/god/vampire/pretty much any supernatural being having romance with human girl (of modern age). So far I've seen these: Kamisama Hajimemashita, Kamigami no Asobi, Noragami, Vampire Knight, Diabolic Lovers, Dance with the Devils, Blood Lad. Is there any other anime with this specific theme that you could recommend to me? P.S.: Could be also something like Gugure Kokkuri-san, where the relationship is nothing of romantic but simpy watching yokai trying to live with that human girl was hilarious P.P.S.: Please pardon any mistakes and typos, my English is quite good but still imperfect Thank you!
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