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  1. Welcome to AF. I also loved your name. It's a great movie.
  2. Welcome to AF. I hope you enjoy your stay! PS - I love Lucy and Ezra but Mirajane holds my heart in fairy tail.
  3. I honestly do not remember. I think it was probably yu yu hakusho or dragonball.
  4. Is there a vtuber anonymous? I have a problem.   

  5. I'm ready as well. I have kept myself from reading it so it's been a fun ride not knowing what is gonna happen before it airs. I'm hoping for a banger of a season.
  6. I haven't fully done my research yet but I know for sure I will be watching Hero and Nagatoro. I need to catch up on fruits basket and give zombieland saga a try as well. I might even try shaman king. To be honest I didn't watch it as a kid but I knew it was popular. Maybe it will give me some late 90's early 00's nostalgia.
  7. What are your current favorite anime?
  8. Recently I have been able to get back on a work schedule that allows me to have weekends off again. Besides anime and video games what do you all like to do with your free time? Looking for some new hobbies here.
  9. Happy Friday everyone!

  10. This is what I have caught up on recently . Don't bully me Nagatoro. Komi-san
  11. What do you consider old? The good thing about Gundam is they have a bunch of series in the main UC timeline but they also have multiple series that are stand alone series. The older series kind of take up a majority of the main story. Good stand alone series: Gundam Wing Gundam Seed Gundam 00 Gundam Iron Blood
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