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  1. haha, just finished phantom blood actually, it seemed like the author rushed the ending tho, but I'm picky sometimes on manga alot so who knows I was thinking about buying the jujutsu kaisen manga, I was going to once but then got Fire Force instead (which is great by the way)
  2. this is hard. well tokyo ghoul and dragonballZ, those were the ones that really brought me to manga and anime but the quintessential quintuplets is good to and I'll have to say dragonballsuper to, because I spent hours learning about it so tokyo ghoul and all series of db
  3. this is easy, Dragonballsuper. the only good part of dbs anime was mastered Ultra instinct goku vs jiren, and the last battle which was android 17, Freeza and goku teaming up to take jiren down (not what happened in manga but it was awesome still) otherwise the show changed things and it made no sense at all, (like the Goku black arc) its like the anime said sure we'll make a dbs anime but we'll take the characters and write our own story
  4. okay well, Tokyo ghoul was the first, but that was before I knew what "manga and anime" was so knowing it was manga Dragonballsuper was the first one with knowing
  5. *ahem* time for my usual introduction I hath arrived from the DARKNESS where the horrors of the underdeep dwell from the ruins of ancient city's long forgotten. from the chaos that ruled over, the tyrants cross the land of darkness from where I hath come from the destruction that came forth from this tear in realms, I am OrchestralChaos edit, I don't know what the underdeep is I made it up, hopefully its not to dramatic well Hello everyone! I joined yesterday and I've been setting up my profile since. heres a little about me, whenever I get money I immidently want to go buy manga, so I
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