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  1. I went to bed late last night and forgot I had to wake up early for a doctor appointment around 8:30 AM. So... for once I was SO tired I did not want to wake up and just sleep in. I NEVER had that happen in a long time for me wanting to sleep more. Hmm..I wonder if that's a good thing with my sleep issues I have.. Anyway good morning everyone its a new dawn and a new day. Feeling great and hope I continue to feel pretty good throughout the day.



      Image result for sleeping anime girl gif

      There's nothing much better than a well deserved peaceful sleep. Glad you had a good sleep!

    2. brycec


      Your doctor is the only one that can say if it is good or bad, but if you have sleep problems, it might be ha good thing. Anyway, good morning.

  2. Ask the member below you!

    Uhh..I don't know probably not. If you had to choose would you want to be a dog or a cat?
  3. Photos N' Some Other Stuff From AnimeNYC!

    Really awesome and you look pretty cool even with your weapon.
  4. The last thing you ate/drank

    Drank: Water. Soon being eating some good Thanksgiving food. O,.,O
  5. do we have creative contests?

    It be cool to see a creative contest on here, I know I would join.
  6. What is the Avatar above you thinking?

    Hey there cutie pie..
  7. Waifu Thread

    Gin from: Hotarubi no Mori e
  8. Something is happening to me once again.. But this time this feeling I feel its on my own. I feel.. a sense of happiness building back into my heart and also contentment. I thought I never feel this way again.. I hope it lasts and I stay strong from now on and keep pushing forward. I have a lot of support from others in my life including my family and I know they will help me if I need them as well. Today is a good day and for that I truly smile~


    1. brycec


      Glad to hear that things are looking up. I think that this is the kind of true happiness that we need to seek in our lives, yet there are many people trying to convince us that we are not happy.



      I am so glad and happy for you, let the happiness take control. :D Happy thanksgiving! I am thankful that you are having a good day.

  9. How are you feeling right now?

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who Celebrates it~

    1. mechaBD


      Happy thanksgiving to you as well!



      And the same to you!


  11. The Ancient Magus' Bride

    @txGemgal3084 Thank you for the information.
  12. The Ancient Magus' Bride

    I just look up website online to watch anime since I don't really have a certain place I watch them. I don't have curnchyroll since I can't afford the membership. But I could try the other website you gave me. Thank you.
  13. The Ancient Magus' Bride

    I still need to watch it I looked into it though it looks really good in my opinion. Though not sure where to watch it on..
  14. Newly registered

    Welcome to the forum I hope your enjoying your stay here so far, see you around.
  15. Aisaka.Taiga_600.670236.jpg.f6ce91f93d0b2d0f0d69c88e58ed0dc8.jpg

    I woke up feeling alright so far and hoping today will be a decent one if not a great one again. I can't even believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Time sure flies.. Or even this whole year it seemed like, for me at least. I'm spending time tomorrow with my step family plus mine for it. I really hope it goes well and also having fun during my time there. 

    1. brycec


      Time feels a bit slow to me right now, but it has definitely flown by. I hope things go well for you too.

      One things that helps me to enjoy things is to just expect the very minimum and determine if it met that or not.

    2. SleepyLeoulf


      @brycec I see and thank you. 

    3. brycec


      You’re welcome.