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  1. vu duc trong

    Help finding the name of a manga

    Hello can someone help me find this manga its sort of like Dekisokonai no Monster Trainer but the MC isn't the hero but rather a bald friend of the hero who hatches a white tiger with wings and latter joins a bald crime organization to reform it. Thank you
  2. vu duc trong

    Rate the Anime above you!

    I believe that forums got purged. So, shall we make another thread to grace the almighty anime. RULES Inappropriate Content - Posting something that is unacceptable to the public's eye. Inappropriate Language - Posting language that could insult or offend someone in anyway. Spam - Continuously posting something multiple times or posting content like "5char" to quote a message or posting 1-3 words on a thread which isn't productive, or general nonconstructive posting also counts as spam. Troll Violation - Posting in the topic that does not, in anyway, promote the continuation of the thread but disrupts it instead. Before, I present an anime, I shall give an example. Person 1: Attack on Titan Person 2: 9/10 I'll choose Akame Ga Kill .... And so on. So, I'll present; DanMachi Let the game begin!
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