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  1. Around one today i finished Haganai, and i'm thinking of maybe starting Violet Evergarden.
  2. I like the fact that i always have time to watch anime but every time i finish one i genuinely get really sad.

  3. I recently finished the anime,  Juni Taisen: Zodiac War. I can say that the show did not disappoint and would recommend although it is a little violent. 

  4. I felt pretty late to the game just finishing My hero academia, but at least i don't have to wait as long for the second season.

  5. I just finished the ancient magus bride the other day and was wondering if anyone has any similar recommendations.


  6. Hoping everyone has a good new years day/eve wherever you all are

  7. I would have to agree, your lie in April is the most surprising. It doesn't linger on the musical aspect and the art style mixed with the music is almost unforgettable.
  8. Just finished binge watching, your lie in April. I would have to say it is one if not my favorite anime I've watched. I cant find a single complaint for the entire 22 episodes, everyone makes you wanna watch more.  

  9. Id have to say that my favorite is split between Mayo chiki and Toradora, but i probably will never make up my mind of which I like more they are just so equal in my books.
  10. I'm currently taking my second semester of Spanish in college, i'm decent enough at it to past the class at least.
  11. a romance anime is always the way to go in my book.
  12. I have a tiny list of anime's I've watched that you might like, cause that pretty much covers all the ones I watch. Mayo chiki, Toradora and Convenience store boy friends are my top three anime I've ever watched. forum list.txt
  13. Personally i'm very tied between Toradora and Mayo chiki, I've re watched both a few time but they are just so tied in my opinion.

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