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  1. Though, it didn't help me when my ex spread drama saying I like hentai then started a anti-anime instagram account and everyone started hating me lol
  2. Why is anime so looked down upon? Every time I mention liking anime, people automatically assume I like hentai, tentacle stuff, etc. Why do you think anime is disliked by so many?
  3. @Roxeg I'm sorry for the late response, but yes! I am a big Nintendo fan!
  4. Hey @Baku! That won't get in the way lol Nice to meet you!
  5. What anime made you feel absolutely empty/depressed inside?
  6. Hello, everyone!! I was wondering if anybody wanted to be friends? This seems like a nice social group, so who's up to being friends? Have a nice day!
  7. Clannad for sure, even though it is cliche to pick
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