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  1. I think you probably put it into perspective much better than I did. The reason for the similarity of magical girl with superhero is because that is what Sailor Moon was intended to be, though some might refer to earlier works such as Himitsu no Akko-chan and Sally The Witch as magical girl as well. Furthermore, Some later series' like Full Moon O Sagashite and Shugo Chara do not even have a crime fighting within them.
  2. I would say, to no one's surprise, that Madoka☆Magica is my favorite magical girl series. I don't think it's the darkest piece of literature, but deciding to focus on just a few characters definitely makes it one of the saddest stories. I like how deeply they how each of the characters' stories to the point where I don't think very much could be added to any of their stories, and I like all of the characters because of how well they're fleshed out and even if I don't always agree with what they do, I can understand why they did it and learn from it. I also like the adorable art style, while th
  3. @Athena Something like this? ^ @efaardvark That's a interesting response. If you don't find retro things appealing, then it makes me wonder if people cared about antiques back before they were such...
  4. I recently tried to make a sound that wasn't very loud into one that was, so I know how important sound quality can be now--but I guess if you listen to it low enough then that wouldn't be a problem... Ne, how likely do you think it would be for someone to try and revive 8-tracks?
  5. @efaardvark That's interesting. I guess some things are just forgotten with time or will be forgotten eventually. Did you personally find them exceptional?
  6. I believe my family owned the best of The Carpenters album, so I've heard their songs from time to time. I can tell that must be before my time since I've never heard of it--then again, this song is twice as old as I am so...
  7. So I dropped Kami Nomi. How many titles does it take for me to realize that harem just isn't my cup of tea? I should start staying away from genres that I don't particularly enjoy. Now I'm reading a manga called Futatsu no Spica--I read a volume before while waiting from some other books to arrive from the library aftering seeing it and looking up a review and it was actually between that and a couple of other ones--but now I've restarted it so I can review it properly when I'm done. @Kaylie Otaku That is another title I tried once, I looked up reviews for it too and found them all t
  8. I remember trying out that game once, I didn't get too far because I failed to fuse any of my personas together--something I carried over from my pokemon days. OwO Are you still playing? I would love to hear your strats.
  9. @Histoire That's how I always listen to music. ^^
  10. Since the anime adaptation is coming out next month, I'm going back and playing Persona 5. I'm playing the subbed version.
  11. I finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and now I'm back to watching a anime called School Rumble.
  12. Alright, I completed this the other day but I took a break halfway through so I likely won't remember the details of the former episodes too well. So I liked your argument about Gluttony, I didn't really think about it like that when I watched the latter episodes--but it makes sense. With Sloth--you know I don't really dislike characters that don't want to do anything, sometimes people need a break from life, sometimes they need to recover like perhaps they were overworked and you could probably make that argument with Sloth since he had to dig that gigantic travel--but I think I sho
  13. @C_C_S I don't know the details but I think the franchise has started being licensed in europe, where it hasn't been licensed outside of japan before. Funny thing, I meant to watch the first Jewelpet anime but got confused and started Lady Jewelpet by accident.
  14. Oh? May I ask why that is? I haven't seen the former, but I can say Classroom of the Elite was a interesting anime. @Kaylie Otaku The original or Brotherhood? I just finished Brotherhood and was going to watch HxH afterwards--but I thought I'd wait for the manga to end before picking it back up. I don't think I'll watch anything else today, I did have plans but am feeling a little ill right now.
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