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  1. Make yourself back at home, it's always delightful to see people reborn
  2. Even calling it AI 'art' feels wrong to me, I refer to them as AI generated images, and that doesn't sound so invasive anymore. Besides the fact that the engines steal from their copying sources, the only and single utility I can see for AI images are playing with a machine. Giving it some funny words and seeing what comes out, nothing serious, something in the likes of "make up a flag for unicorns eating carbonara", and having fun with what it makes, but nothing further.
  3. Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums! Make yourself at home
  4. Hello, would you mind specifying on the title or the post what the survey is about? It will get people more interested that way
  5. Myouya


    Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums!
  6. Absolutely! I'll take care of it right away
  7. Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums! I hope you have a fantastic stay
  8. @yuritho Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums!
  9. While that's certainly an opinion, I'm willing to bet that real world child molesters do pretty much consume child porn (as they usually state in the news, "X man was caught preying on a child and was found to have child porn on their PC", it's a very repeated quote I find on news, see here as an example https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-65419701 ). So the argument we're trying to illustrate is that there definitely is a correlation between 'liking' those things, even in fiction (either AI or drawn) and then acting on them in real life. I just don't buy it, honestly... and what's the need anyway? This is now just my personal opinion but I cannot fathom any artistic value in sexualising children. It's just pure malice and perversion to me (and we don't kinkshame in this house, but there are limits). (also, no one here is arguing whether CP or the porn industry is worse, because they're both dreadful) I'd just like to add as a fun thought on the topic, I think that there isn't such a big barrier between reality and fiction in our imaginations and brain processes. Say you want to go to the beach, at the moment that's fiction, untrue, because you're not in the beach, but you can be and make it real. You can also imagine yourself riding a unicorn on the Moon, that's also fiction, but cannot be fulfilled (probably, never been to the Moon to confirm). And the way this applies to this discussion is that preying on children is something that can happen, has happened, and will continue to happen so long as this rotten culture persists. They imagine it, crave it, and then go make it happen.
  10. @thepuddinater Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums! Worry not, you're doing everything just right
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