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  1. Thanks. I love black clover too, nice Vanessa pic.
  2. I'm excited for it, but my initial worries is that it's being adapted to an anime right away, with no source material from a manga. I am also a bit bummed that Moroha, inuyasha and kagome's daughter is a support character more than the main. I also read a brief description on the characters and it says that Moroha lived alone most of her life without knowing her parents, so I wanna know the story behind that (if it's confirmed true. Descriptions were on the inuyasha wiki).
  3. Hello world! It is I, Josh, or Ryano. Whichever you wish to call me by. I just joined looking for new friends and a place to enjoy passing the time during this age of society. This isn't my first time on an anime forum, I used to be on a couple years back as shouichishindo I even made my own forum in the past, but that was the past. Feel free to reach out and talk/discuss anime with me.

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