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  1. To be in a relationship one must first be content ad satisfied with themselves, if you have your own happiness then you won't suffer as much from losing the extra bonus that having a partner provides!
  2. CypherCode


    A place to discuss random confessions that you might want to get out of your chest, even if they are harmless, random and with a bit of slice of life attached. For example, I will go first. I confess that when I was young, probably 10-11 I would watch Sakura Card Captor with a fear of my parents finding out, since it was a girls show I feared they would scold me for watching it or label me as an homosexual in family reunions because I liked magical girls. So what I would do is watch it in the lobby and swiftly change channels whenever a family member walked by, this would usually make me lose keypoints of the series and a lot of combat scenes - character development, but eh, well, nothing I could do about it. In the end it was the right choice, as my parents did confessed that they were glad none of his kids liked girlie shows and that the catholic values were being uphold... wut?
  3. Ahhh yes... A guy once mentioned Pupa on a random conversation, I thought he was just pranking us when he said it would make us nauseous. Howver I thought the plot was really confusing to be honest, it kind of seemed like it was graphic and violent just to compensate for the lack of substance that the writer put into it. Just my opinion though... There's people that might genuinely enjoy and like it.
  4. School days... Up to this day, nothing has been this weird, rage indusing as school days. Ive seen quite a few animes that were gross, or gore-ish but they didnt had substance nor any interest on making the watcher pay attention, it was all dumb entertainment, while School days its a story that actually was written that way to attract readers and it wasnt edited at all... Its even more frustrating when you consider this. Read below at your own risk.
  5. Battlefield series. They made an extremely good comeback with Battlefield 3, everyone loved it to death. It was what everyone wanted, now, afterwards, came Battlefield 4 improving the formula, it was great, people complained a lot in the beginning but steadily got better and people came to terms to accept it. Then things started going bad from there, they tried to appeal to what was popular on the marked making Hardline (Imho, basically COD + Payday) which made for a poor game, then they tried to compensate by making Battlefield WW1, it was something unexpected and people were hyped, except... It was... Bad... No one really liked it a lot, it was simply a poor game with lots of faults everywhere, specially on the fact that it felt less like Battlefield and more like call of duty. Then they shoved down our throats their SJWs theme and enforced it with Battlefield V, which has been a horrendous disaster so far. People lost interest on it two weeks afterwards, literally EA paid streamers to play their game, namely Dr Disrespect and after the two three week "Trial" he never touched it again. EA overall should end...
  6. Even though 2019 has just begun, it has already a strong contendent for the best Opening. Reminds me a lot of how Unravel became known by everyone through the year What do you think?
  7. that would be fine, if, in the flashbacks her parents werent considerably older looking + adults. When you put it together it doesn't makes much sense sadly...
  8. I guess this sort of appeals to lolicons in that aspect. I found the whole thing of "Shes a kid, but suddenly she's not because [Bullshit mechanic] so its okay to sexualize her" to be a cheap move from light novel writters. But eh, they gotta appeal to the big market, always.
  9. No, don't apologize, I totally understand. It's part of the reasons why it attracted me to begin with. If you have the chance, I advise you to check on the manga, since the anime follows it super tightly.
  10. I watched two episodes on crunchyroll back when it first aired a few weeks ago, then I binged on the manga and read the 50 chapters in a day and half more less. Basically... Its a good story, but like any other Isekai series it fails to set a proper pacing or objective, it starts really good then it becomes fairly boring because the objectives are all over the place. Im not saying its a bad story, as far as isekai stories go this one is pretty far up on the list, just dont expect to be blown away by a masterpiece of a plot. Im considering reading the light novel to finish this series and not look at it again.
  11. CypherCode


    Its pretty much a meme nowadays, because of how it portrays the whole Trap scene on animes in general.
  12. Im about to play some Hearts of Iron IV, I love the game!

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