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  1. But dont you feel like it is just too much? If I find a show I really like, I somehow want to keep it in my head, but if I watch too much that is just not possible and it feels liek everything then becomes mundane and meaningless
  2. Hey there, so what I wanted to ask is whether anybody ever did consider to stop watching anime, because the more you watch, the less special / meaningful the individual anime becomes and to prevent certain shows, that are very important to you, from becoming meaningless in retrospect and just submerge into the mass, the only solution would be not to consume any more. I have so many anime on my list, that I think by the time I have watched most of them, there would be just too much in my head to actually be able to still care for individual characters. Since they became just one of too many. Does anybody feel like that too?
  3. Hi there, I guess you are talking about A Certain Magical Index. The story arcs in both series are taking place more or less alternately and so often add more background to what is happening in the other series. I came across this and watched it the way he calls "True chronological Order" ( https://recommendmeanime.com/how-to-watch-a-certain-magical-scientific-series/amp/#comment-526 ). I think there isnt the perfect watch order. This also has ups and downs. But it will give the entire story without the series' spoiling each other, or if so, in the right way. I found it quite hard to get into the characters first though, because of the switching
  4. well maybe it is a billion dollar industry BECAUSE they dont care for their artists^^ Like the chinese industry can offer products so cheap only because of the horrible working conditions and payments
  5. Generally I prefer dub. But sub just has a different feeling to it. Somehow more authentic or something like that. Emotions definetly get me more in dubs (when they are good^^), because the reading distracts me to an extreme extent and I dont really ingest (not sure about that word) the pictures anymore. Also specific scenes or lines stay in my memories far better when dubbed, because I can combine visuals and accustics and so its just a stronger experience. The only anime I watched first subbed, then dubbed was Scums Wish and it comrifmed exactly that. Still I liked the sub more here, because it just felt more, as I said, authentic, more fitting, more right. I dont know. Its just a completely different style of voicing edit: Most important: never again I will watch the same anime in sub AND dub
  6. Well as far as I can judge, this seems to be normal in Japan and thus a generel problem in japanese society. They just have a sick understanding of duty and honor together with sick social constraints, restrictions and demands. I ve watched some documentations about word in Japan and they said, that its normal to have far more than 100 hours overtime per month and that some people in the government trie to introduce a legal maximum, but they couldnt get it lower than 100 hours per month. Above that, the companys have to pay penalties, but it is still sick. To imagine, that all the animes we watch are made under such conditions, is not very amusing and considering that most anime arent even done very well and very expensive to buy, is ehm...it would hardly work out in a "normal" way I think^^ But that is a japanese problem and we cant do anything about it anyways, the same nobody else can solve problems in your country. So close your eyes and join the blind I guess
  7. Hey guys, so first a spoiler warning: Warning, might contain minor or major spoilers! What i want to talk about are her hands. It happens several times that someone is blaming Violet for “using the very same hands that killed so many” to do something beautiful. The smartass in me then always thought “but hey they are not the same hands ;)” and Im sure the produces must have been aware, that people would think that, but I didn’t give much value to that, I just accepted it. But now I thought that maybe that was intentional? A hint for a symbol. She lost that evil, killing hands at the last battle and got new innocent ones to start a new innocent life, with her hands doing beautiful things. Like the evil killing machine literally fell apart from her. Another thing is, that she first uses her mouth to pull off her gloves. Later its shown clearly that she suddenly changes her mind and starts using her hands to do that, as how its “normal”. First I thought that was just to show that she accepted her artificial hands as part of herself. But now I think that it might be supposed to show, that with accepting her peaceful hands, she also generally accepted her new peaceful life and allowing emotions as an alternative to the military life. I think it is also about the same time when she starts to do things less like a soldier. So, does anybody else find this mentionable? Or did you find that so obvious that you noticed it right away? MfG eCapter
  8. I am strongly limiting my watching duration. I try to watch only 2 episodes a day and max 3. Its very hard usually, but I know if I watch more its too much at once. Then I cant "process" it all and also will have forgtotten a lot. But I often also spent a lot time thinking about it afterwards. For the end of a season its different. Then I usually watch at least 3 episodes at once. I wachted AoT season 2 at once and that wasnt good for me.
  9. Well I dont want to say that I generally like it, but I think it can be good. Characters that have no real personality or no weaknesses and are just allways badass and unshakable are just flat and uninteresting. I know that was different as I was younger. EG everybody is hating Yuki from Mirai Nikki for crying all the time but I think its plausible and it gives the series far more depth. Even if he isnt the most liked character anymore then, which obviously is Yuno. Another example is Mikasa. Everybody likes her becuase she is cool, but except for the end of season 2 she is just super flat (no, not her boobs...), has no real personality except being cool and offers hardly more than being badass in every way. Also I think there is a giant amount of "sexism" involved. If the whiny mc is a girl/woman and needs support all the time, everybody is like "ooohh poor girl shes so cute" (except if its too exxegerated) and if its a boy/man its like "ffs what a pussy, he is fuckign annoying, just let him die if he cant handle anything alone".
  10. Just finished Tokyo Ghoul. Next is Madoka Magica tomorrow or the day after. I need a break after every anime to sort my thoughts
  11. Hey guys, so first: please refrain from spoilers beyond season 2 and be aware of spoilers including the end of season 2 and the description of season 3. So Im quite new to anime and considering Tokyo Ghouls omnipresence I thought it has to be cool. And the setting is cool and the characters looked cool.....but yeah.....The start was really good. The first let down was the Shuu arc which mostly just felt unnecessary and rediculous. The rest of season 1 was okaaaaay. The episodes were over very fast which actually could speak for the anime but somehow I was unsatisfied all the time. I dont feel like I really got to know the characters Im supposed to care about. And unfortunately that includes Kaneki and Touka for a too big part. Yoshimura was cool and Koutarou was ok. Hide seemed to be important, but no he wasnt and Im fine with him getting no screentime at all because I couldnt care less about him. Unfortunately season 2 wanted me to....I think the scenes with him were okaaayy but pretty unnecessary and to build the whole ending around his deaths was like a punch in the face because I seriously couldnt give less shit about him. He had no role at all. Even Shinoharas maybedeath was more emotional and I didnt really like him for his puppetlike dead eyes. Hell even that Jason clones death would have been more emotional because I would have cheered so hard, I propably would have cried. I mean really what a shit is that character and why is screentime wasted on him? I really liked that they got us to know Amon and Mados daughter better. I really didnt like that they tried it with the entire CCG too....Why not telling us something about that Koma guy and the woman I dont know the name off because it was mentioned like 3 times in the entire anime instead, who suddenly lead whole armies and sacrificed themselves for the maincharacters but I dont really care because I dont know them AT ALL! Or making the konversations between Yoshimura and Kaneki something big, profound and rememberable, instead of "hey btw Kaneki was hereand we talked, didnt you know? Oh now you know....". Or giving the screentime to the maincharacters, but no lets not get crazy! Actually I shouldnt call them that because Touka and Kaneki just werent maincharacters in season 2. I mean serisously what did they do? Kaneki was busy WALKING AROUND like a cool dude and Touka was...I dont know...studying and oh she was running for THREE ENTIRE FUCKING EPISODES to eventually DO NOTHING except NOT talking to Kaneki? The only thing I remember from Kaneki is "I join aogiri" and from Touka its "...BECAUSE I WAS ROYALLY PISSED OFF!". They didnt develop their relathionship, they didnt develop for themselves, just nothing happened! The only characters I cared about were nearly completely taken away in sake of a giant bunch of supernumerarys killing each other and a bunch of side characters fighting other side characters that havent even been introduced at all, in a horribly choreographed way. I really wanted to like this anime but I dont know what I could like apart from Touka and Kaneki, who I also cant really like because I just dont know them. And now that its over I feel like Im missing strangers, what doesnt make any sense... So the ending was the same as the entire season: nothing but a stupid fight in a exaggerated scale. And because an entirely unconclusive ending like this isnt bad enough, season 3 will take place 2 fucking years later, so I guess we will then learn what all the characters that are now maybe dead or maybe not, will have been doing the past 2 years HELL YEAH and this ending will just be left as it is and all the conequences from what happend and the sorrow will be skipped. Great. Is it possible that they just gave up on what they missproduced so far too? And the ovas....about Shuus past....why not about Yoshimuras past? This anime left a void inside me, but not because it was so touching but because my massive dissatisfaction sucked out the little that was put inside to begin with. So excuse me I now go bash my face into a mirror and try to deal with that I wont get a cool story around Touka and Kaneki.... Pls be polite with your criticism. Greetings eCapter
  12. I was quite a bit disappointed with Shigatsu wa kimi no uso / Your lie in april. SPOILER Every time they change the animation style to that inane childish crap. When someone is angry eg.....seriously what is that? One scene is totally serious and the next is THAT...It destroyed all emotions it just created....that makes me so angry.... Also I think the ending wasnt staged good. There were no emotions about Kaoris death, except for the letter she wrote. He just played and a flashing Kaori ghost disappeared and that was her death...wow....Kousei should have rushed to hospital afterwards with Tsubaki and Watari and there should have been crying and screaming and breaking down. That would have carried some emotions that couldnt be delivered from Kaori herself anymore. Instead its like oh btw shes dead, too bad. But look now its winter and now spring and now its been a year and Kousei looks QUITE FUCKING HAPPY.....and whats with Tsubaki? That disappointed me. They are all just somehow ok with it
  13. This one? At 6:15 its cute^^
  14. <----------- Although I wouldnt call her waifu^^ 2nd would be Mikasa Ackerman. Im a bit mainstream in that regard I guess
  15. Last movie I watched was Kimi no na wa / Your name. Great movie. Somehow it was raining in my room suddenly...
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