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    @Wedgy @Ohayotaku Thanks guys, I've sorted it I think. Well, not really, but it's all good. I can still access the site from my other ISP and I've been logged in most of the day. I've opened an Anilist account and copied my MAL list onto it with the downloadable XML, so if I get banned on the other ISP for whatever reason I at least have my list backed up somewhere
    The discord server makes it clear they don't deal with ban inquiries unforunately. I tried to contact them via the IRC chatroom but their mods seem to be permanently busy or just not online. Having done some searching around on the MAL forums and reddit, it seems like the general view of the community is that the mods are not particularly helpful over there, and a lot of people get banned at random by their spambots. A shame really, because I've always liked the setup and everything.
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