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  1. I'm currently working (at a snails pace) on a medieval magical fantasy series. As I'm more of a visual thinker, it's really helpful for me to have actual images of my characters to reference when I'm trying to write. Unfortunately, I have all the artistic talent of a drunk racoon with no limbs, so up until now I've been at a loss. However, I recently stumbled across a rather remarkable AI bot that produces images using human prompt words. I have to say, some of the stuff it's produced for me is incredible (well, by limited standards anyway. Perhaps the more artistically inclined amongst you will be able to see the faults). I thought I'd share some of the stuff it has produced for one of my characters (Lyra). For context, she is meant to be a very powerful fire mage, but the story follows her life from being an orphaned child through to adulthood. There's a few of her as an adult, adolescent and child. Unfortunately, stupid me forgot to prompt the AI to give her medieval clothing for the last image, which is especially annoying because it's probably my favorite otherwise. Also, as decent as the faces look in this images, it actually wasn't very good at producing them. For every one good face it produced it probably made about 6-7 really bad ones lol.
  2. A man walks into a bar. Ouch.
  3. I've been to quite a few away games in my time so far. Liverpool, Manchester City, and a couple of days out in Wembley were probably the most prestigous. I've visited some brilliant smaller clubs though, notably Accrington Stanley and Altrincham for an FA Cup tie (which we lost 1-0 in the pooring rain lol). Also, MK Dons have the nicest stadium. The only one I've ever been to that had cushioned seats!
  4. I do like Zebras, so perhaps this is not such a bad idea. Very intellectual! That would make me appear far more sophisticated than I truly am, which is right up my street
  5. Ah yes, I had heard he directed Paprika before. Another show to add to the ever growing and probably uncompletable list
  6. I have Perfect Blue on DVD to watch next too, but I can't say I'm familiar with Satoshi Kon's work outside these two projects.
  7. I'm a season ticket holder at Barnsley FC (that's an English "soccer" team for the Americans) and have been since I was about 15. I also occasionally watched Snooker
  8. Either Chuck or good old Star Trek DS9. However, having recently watched L.O.L. Arcane on Netflix they may have a new rival.
  9. Between the age of 11-14 I used to go on a chatroom on an old flash game website called SFG. I had a lot of friends on there, and it was a good place to socialize for somebody who was extremely socially awkward at school. I used to go by RZ on there because the letter combination looked qutie cool on the chat, plus I was top of the hours online ranking a lot so new members would instantly recognize me online. I continue to use it primarily because I can't think of anything better and it's relatively unique. Also, it doesn't stand for anything, but I'm open to suggestions. I always liked Radical Zebra.
  10. Overall I'm alright with my life. I used to be highly dissatisfied with it, especially in regards to relationships (or lack there of). Then I went through an abusive relationship and came out of it with a different perspective - that things aren't always as good as you think they're going to be. For the moment I have a job I enjoy, hobbies I enjoy, good friends and family, and money to eat. I have few complaints, long may it continue.
  11. How I got into anime was pretty weird. Somebody made a meme of the Queen riding in a car during a royal ceremony wearing a green dress. They'd used the dress as greenscreen and inserted the Evangelion opening over the top of it. Looked in the comments and found the name of the show and watched it... the rest is history, Strangely, NGE wasn't the first anime I ever watched. I found the eclipse scene from the third Berserk film on YouTube whilst trying to find dark animations for a music video. I also watched one of the Hokuto no Ken movies and another called Children Who Chase Lost Voices on YT one day when I was recovering from a night out at university lol
  12. I'm four episodes in and I'm liking it so far. A bit trippy in places so having to wind back to get a second viewing lol
  13. Recently completed MSG: Iron-Blooded Orphans and the third season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Now starting on Paranoia Agent (3 years after I bought the DVDs...)
  14. Amber in the centre where she belongs
  15. RZ.


    Fish finger, cucumber and lettuce sandwhiches are where it's at And I don't know why I don't like them, they just freak me out.
  16. I really want to visit Laos. They have some awesome architecture. Oh, and Angkor Wat in Thailand. An extrodinary ancient city of the Khmer Empire that is kept from falling apart by the sheer volume of water comprising its surrounding moat.
  17. Action - Speed Grapher, Canaan, Shingeki no Bahamut, Hamatora, El Cazador de la Bruja Fantasy - Kiba, Last Exile. Historical/Fantasy - Moribito, Otogizoshi. Romance - Air Sci-Fi - Kurau Phantom Memory.
  18. Elfen Lied. Weirdly, I actually thought it was alright whilst I was watching it. It was in hindsight that I realized that it was as shallow as it was gory. Maybe the original material is a little better, I'm not sure.
  19. A popular choice might be Code Geass or Evangelion as stated above. Vandread is a little less known but a decent mech anime.
  20. Shirou from Log Horizon seems to be pretty OP, especially at the start.
  21. I'm on episode 5 of Arcane and god damn does this show just get better by the episode.
  22. RZ.


    What is the most ridiculous nightmare you have ever had? I had a dream that I was chased through sewers by the Nigerian mafia and then dived off a cliff and landed on a bunch of gigantic toilet rolls. Tell us an embarrassing story. There's probably too many to choose from. lol. Explain an inside joke you have with a friend or family member. Me and my best friend used to be friends with a kid in high school who liked to big himself up a lot. Was in constant competition with us over everything (especially football). Whenever we come across people who are similar we always just say his name to each other. If your pet could talk, what do you think they might say about you? Give food now Tell me your life story in exactly one sentence. Just sort of stumbling on by to be honest. What is the strangest coincidence that ever happened to you? A friend of mine was dating a boy from the other side of the country when I was in college. A few years later I started talking to a completely different girl from the same town as him. We stopped talking but about a year later she had a new boyfriend, which happened to be the guy my friend from college had been dating. What is your favorite random fact? What is your useless talent? Show me any flag from any country and I can tell you what it is. What is the strangest food combination you enjoy? Probably something not all that strange... like fish fingers and cucumber. What would your drag queen name be? Couldn't even begin to think lol If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation What is your strangest irrational fear? Bubbles. I hate bubbles.
  23. Starting the new season of Kagura-sama Love is War, one of the few shows I actually watch whilst airing.
  24. It's my plan to finish Texhnolyze and Haiibane Renmei + rewatch Lain by the summer. I've been procrastinating on them for too long. I did rotate it beforehand but still uploaded in portrait for some reason
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