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  1. now following up from one of my previous questions what are some 'good' anime you found bad
  2. deku is known to be one of the weakest characters but so is tanjiro but sureley izuku would beat tanjiro deku destroys citys and has defeated enemies tanjiro would never be able to beat eg. overhaul final form deku is faster sronger and smarter but i want to see what you guys think
  3. is my hero acedemia overrated?

    (answers not involving fandom)


    1. Ohayotaku


      I enjoyed seasons 1 & 2 alot. Season 3 had some awesome stuff but started out slow & I didn’t really care for the licensing exam arc. Seasons 4 & 5 were actually pretty disappointing to me. Though I think 4 was the worst. Likewise, I enjoyed Heroes Rising despite the asspull ending, but not the other 2 movies. I’ll probably check out 6 out of curiosity, but honestly not hyped over it.

    2. Otaking66lives


      I come from the era when an anime series averaged 24-48 episodes total. Imho, anime usually stays strong at this length. After this, I've noticed they tend to become watered down. MHA is no exception. It, like many others, is too long for it's own good. You do not have to tell the entire manga story in a series. An anime series should wet your appetite for the contents of the manga. If you want more, look there. That's just my personal opinion...

    3. Kit


      no? Lol

  4. thank you for the suggestions code geass is definetely one i have to try out
  5. i think Yujiwould win this one because his talents with strength overpower the work asta has done but if it was timeskip asta this would be a different story timeskip asta is definetely stronger than yuji so in my opinion timeskip asta>>>> Yuji Yuji>>>>Og asta
  6. trying to find new anime to watch looking for shonen action not romance i dont really lke that stuff
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