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    Probably One piece or Hyouka
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    Call be a basic bitch but I love Zoro

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  1. I will give it a read, thank you!
  2. Good afternoon everyone! I'm in need of some slice of life manga recommendations. I just finished a very depressing manga, so I really want to cleanse my palette with something nice and heart warming. I'll try to read anything thrown my way, so please do not be afraid to suggest anything
  3. Thank you all! I appreciate the welcome
  4. I've never really used a forum board like this before, but lately I've felt like I really need to talk to more people. I've just graduated high school and I'm kind of struggling to adapt to a new lifestyle, and while I do have friends that I still talk to from high school, I haven't really made a new friend since pre-covid. I'm kind of just an all around type when it comes to anime, I'll watch a long running shounen, a short but sweet slife of life, a detective anime, you name it. I guess that's pretty much it, I really hope I don't end up just stalking forums
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