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  1. I hope the writing process is going well!!! Stoked to see this published one day
  2. Haven't been on in awhile, BUT YES post your work It's always exciting to see different styles...watch people grow. I hope you enjoy the forums!! ^^- and thanks for the shout out @Wedgy
  3. I can't see why not I'm barely active as well. Ahh, same, art school and color wheels and countless hours trying to get the pigments *just right* Also, agree with the realization that black isn't *just* black. Especially when doing things with watercolor. I felt the same with painting skin tones too....using blues really threw me for a loop in the beginning. hahaha It is interesting how it can take so many years to get to know things about your partner. I knew a guy who was color blind, and knew only because I tried playing snooker with him and a group of friends wa
  4. Nyxnine


    Lol, I was pretty busy. I had planned on a background and color but life happened. Thanks for the feedback though
  5. Doing a summer clean up of my profile. Disconnecting a bit.  

    I'm sorry for being a bad friend =-= I hope everyone is safe and keeping in good spirits. 


    1. Ohayotaku


      It can hard to stay active. I sometimes struggle to come up things to say, other times ramble for a half hour only to delete it without posting because I can’t make it sound “right”. And then other times just post what popped into my mind whether it’s worthwhile or not :P 

      Besides all that, we’re definitely living in stange times. Hope you’re doing well too 

    2. Nyxnine


      Hard to come up with things to say, hard to agree with what you are saying, but, I think hardest to keep up with your post once you've added it. 

      I feel like I just am lurking the forums and reading when I have the spare time, with no energy to jump in. I'm happy that it is active enough at least. Checking reviews definitely a plus.

  6. I have quite a few friends and acquaintances IRL who like anime. This wasn't always the case, I think I found most of these friends late in HS, some from different jobs I have worked and also from University. It is nice to find those IRL who you can relate to and discuss upcoming shows with. That being said, most of our tastes have changed, and a lot of us have moved further apart (literally and metaphorically). IRL is nice especially if you are interested in going to conventions. We have a pretty good generic comic con here which I liked attending. I'm a huge artist alley fan and having
  7. I was going to say france but, for some reason I thought this was wrong and googled it. I am guessing you are from France? @mynameisjohncrichton but Croissants had been invented in Austria so I wasn't sure XD I wanted to make this somewhat difficult.... How about Beaver Tails?
  8. I wonder why you decided to make violet. It really is a pretty color and the psychology behind the color is rather interesting. I might be a bit biased though, I used to love reds. Violet is a bit more on the blue side but became my favorite color and is a lot more relaxed in comparison.. Anyways, hopefully you will figure out how to mix the colors properly. But, you shouldn't hold out on a perfect blend, the best combinations don't have an exact science and come from trial and error. Their sketch book probably had some pretty ugly blotches in it. I know mine does when it comes to paint sw
  9. Memories, really missing traveling right now.
  10. Oh, well...awesome ^^v can't wait for the next one.
  11. Haha timing. I think @Shejoestar has won @Seshi which I'm totally okay with considering they won my vote too Thanks for putting on the competition though. I enjoyed it
  12. Before meeting you, I didn't know what it was like to feel lonely. I never even considered myself to be alone. That's because when you feel lonely, it means that there is someone for you to miss. - Nanami, Bokura Ga Ita
  13. This is so creepy and so cool 0_0 I wonder if someone super sweet made templates that mimic this. I feel like you could also find some pretty neat 3D printer templates 0_0
  14. I can't delete my quote on my phone bwahahah, either way. You are so cool! Those are such awesome interests and hobbies. I feel like we have a lot in common haha I love finding used bookstores, antiquing and thrift stores too. There's one in my city that has a huge collection of classic magazines. They're interesting to browse though. Also yesss introduce your dogs soon :3 I feel like I'd totally want to befriend you IRL if we ever met. You are like a lot of my close friends lol.
  15. Thank you guys! lol @Illusion of Terra I like how there is a sloth and hamster with cats XD random but awesome nonetheless and thanks for the shout out ^^- @Ohiotaku cake is always a win, that will be my go to as well hahaha (probably cheesecake or ice cream. Also - pikachuuuu hahaha Thanks @Wedgy Hope everyone has an awesome day haha
  16. Mine is today. To help me celebrate, everyone try and eat your favorite dessert today :3 :D
  17. You're so awesome! I love your work :3 Your coloring is awesome and character design is super cute! Also, you're super creative!! Thanks for sharing ^_^=
  18. Nyxnine


    You have my third spot, thanks @cowboy those wings certainly could be hard hahahaha I don't want to make it boring 0-0
  19. Welcome to AF! That's awesome you aren't restrained to new shows (seeing how you got into anime 2 years ago) having a wide variety of shows is great! I love hiking and drawing as well Do you draw traditionally or use a computer? Today I visited the mountains but wasn't able to hike. We have a lot of rules right now stopping people from entering parks haha but, I love summit hiking and have joined a few friends rock climbing. That being said, heights freak me out and I prefer wall climbing and not being on a cliff. Anyways, enjoy your time here! There are a lot of aw
  20. Nyxnine


    Wondeful! Seiga Kaku will be my second character. Thanks @Myouya
  21. I love your work!! What program did you use to do the first group of pics?? Your chibi zombie girl is adorbs :3 your pencil work is nice too. I have a hard time filling up a page ^^;; Can't wait to see more
  22. Nyxnine


    I am not! That being said, I do not mind researching :3 Thank you! You shall be my first spot :3
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