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  1. @Nyxnine You're right, that's actually a great point! I remember looking up to the "old" people in chats and forums when I was about junior high school age - I thought their knowledge and composure were cool. I guess it's time to be cool myself Although, I am more of a goofy type, so not sure how successful that will be @Illusion of Terra Exactly! Oh, an art contest - splendid! Do you hold these here often, or did I just get lucky? Also, consider my vote placed.
  2. Indeed, so far I'm enjoying myself here Thanks Nyxnine! Well, each coin has two sides I guess. I haven't tried making friends online since I was a child, so let's see how it goes! But no need to worry about me, shyness is not one of my virtues. Your laughing, but you can define normal, or normie, very easily! In fact, there is a wikipedia page for it (as there is for everything) https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/normie And I just can't bring myself to enjoy what is commonly enjoyed by masses. Please don't call me a hipster though Good one Rak! I mean... Ohiotaku! (
  3. My boi Dio(genes) has some sick quotes, and it's the best I could come with it, so give me a break Lol - worry not, no need to deal with such complicated concepts these days! Onto the online community from the safety of one's room!
  4. Oh, I wish he was, that would be epic! But alas, he was just a savage Greek philosopher who I respect, whose name happens to be a Jojo reference - it's 2 birds with 1 stone, if you ask me! You've got quite interesting username yourself, Illusion of Terra - where's that from? Haha - I use that term fairly deliberately. Just imagine people you have to interact with on daily basis I live in a world of normies, so that thing is kinda unavoidable.
  5. Hey, you there, on the other side of the screen! Mandatory Jojo meme aside, I am here because of the infinite boredom brought by the current lockdown measures. There is no discussing anime with my friends when I can't meet them... oh, and also none of my friends like anime or Japanese stuff in the first place, so actually, there is no discussing it at any time. So I thought I might as well use the spare time to give this forum a shot. Be gentle with me! All my preferences (ehem... the ones I'm comfortable with sharing) are fully documented on my MAL: https://myanimelist.net/pro
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