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  1. arghhh I'm bad at writing short stories 'cause I like writing big novels rather than ending a story abruptly, but that doesn't stop me from writing! this story seems bit too poetic, I'm a better poet than a story writer, but stories seem to intrigue me more. THE REFLECTION She stared at the long stretched alley before her, the same familiar way she used to get back home after school. She heaved a huge sigh, exhausted from everything about her life. "Wish I could be someone else" she mumbled as she soberly stepped onto the path which suffocated her legs from its familiarity. She slowly walked past each block and was stopped all too sudden. Astounded, she stared into the old glass pane on the building, her eyes grew wide. She saw herself, a faint reflection, yet so subtly beautiful that she was enchanted. Time felt frozen as she stood there unaware of everything around her, almost like in a trance. She found happiness, something she sought all her life. she went home, enlivened, life seemed so strangely beautiful. She stared deep down the mirror in her room, it didn't have the subtle beauty of the window pane, her wondrous dream world. The magic seemed to be limited only to that old glass pane of the run down building. Every day, she walked down the alley to the window pane and rekindled with her joy. Her reflection on it seemed to become brighter and brighter every day and she found it difficult to part with the friendly reflection of herself. At home, when she stared into her own mirror, she found it dull day by day, faint and lifeless. Just like all the days, she came to her wonderful reflection in the glass pane, to meet with its ethereal blithe, yet to her dismay before her stood the glowing reflection of a stranger, someone unrecognizable. She found her dream world shattered, all the joy drained out of her life, her only bliss seemed strange to her. She took a piece of stone from the ground, clasped it tight near her heart and with tears rolling down her cheeks, with all her strength, send the rock crashing to the window pane, breaking it into a million shining pieces each with her reflection in tears. Her deep wounded heart took her home, sunken in dark shadows of depression, she went near the mirror in her room. Hoping to see the almost faint, empty reflection, she stared at the mirror. In it stood herself, the same old her, the her she was tired of, the one she wished to change. The old her, the real her. She with bitter guilt, traced through the reflection embracing it with a heart wrenching moan. "She had found herself." Let me know what you guys think about this story
  2. My favourite episode would be attack on titan's first episode. The hype and emotion that was embedded into it got me like really excited and convinced me that aot is gonna be a very promising series. Then the episode where Eren gets swallowed.. damn tht was an intense one. Another one of my favourite episode is from Sketdance where bosson switch and himeko gets locked up in an old storage room while they're dressed in some weird costumes and a fire breaks out. I laughed so hard watching tht episode.
  3. Hermione for sure, because she's one of the best female characters i have seen in any series. Half of the time, Harry survived only because Hermione was there to help him out. So surely the brave bookish yet brave muggle born seems to be the life saver of everyone my fav character in the series. Then there's Snape, his character touched me very much. I have never seen such a deep character. The way he disguises himself as a villain to be a true hero is just heart warming. And hasn't anybody noticed the similarities Gin Ichimaru from bleach shares with Snape?! Surely, this list seems pretty damn good
  4. I dont even know when i started watching anime. i mean, i started watching pokemon and dbz on western cartoon channels and didnt knw it was anime. but i'm not counting that cuz if i do that then i dont even remember when i first started. when i was 6 years old, my cousin introduced me to animax and animax is what took me by the hand and made me step into the world of anime. damn, that was one hell of a feeling. my first anime(as i remember) was Inuyasha. i was immediately mesmerized by the subtle yet beautiful concept, art and story line. i was always the weird kid but i was totally astounded when i found out that my bestie was an anime fan too and thus began the wonderful days of my life until in 8th grade my cable operator decided to cut animax from the list of channels. my bestie(ex bestie) left the world of anime and ofc my world long before that and i ended up being the only kid at my school who watched anime. oh boy i was damn frustrated. no matter what, that feeling i get from animax cant be obtained from watching anime online. but anyway anime is life, so i love anime either way.
  5. so this is kinda stupid cuz i remember watching an anime back when i was like a small kid, but i still remember the story(well, most of it) but i cant remember which anime it was. i searched everywhere but i just cant find an answer. the story is like this: there's a guy he marries a girl but then there's another girl who's really jealous because she likes this guy. she runs away from that place but she is followed by another guy who likes her. he tries to stop her but apparently this girl does something stupid( i dnt remember wat) she is kidnapped by someone and then she is saved by the main guy(i guess) then in the end there's something related to a baby being born and something like that . arghh i dnt knw WAT THE HELL AM I DOING THIS IS STUPID. I M SORRY GUY PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF U HAVE ANY CLUE I JUST REALLY WANNA KNOW WHICH ANIME THIS IS. I M DESPERATE.
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