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  1. Japan (Anime, Culture and fresh sushi), Egypt (History and the archaeological finds), Ethiopia, UK (Its not Game of Thrones but close enough), Italy (Colosseum, pizza and the people), US and Germany. Its quite expensive to go to all these places as I would have to cross the equator, but its more important to see the world than to read about the world in Wikipedia
  2. Just when you thought Teen Titans Go was the bottom of the Barrel
  3. Really Steven SpielBerg, Sword Art Online? Who else has seen this movie and has been getting game anime vibez?
  4. I watch it for the whole night on Fridays and Saturdays (about 7 hours respectively) since that is the only available days I have . I miss being a student
  5. Hi everyone! I'm quite new here and very passionate about anime though I started late (on campus) since anime is not as big here. Hopefully I'll learn more and meet some interesting people :D

    1. RyePotatoes


      Welcome to the community!~ It's lovely to meet you :D 

    2. wikkidgrace


      Not too late to start. =] Welcome!

  6. About to start Anime Weekend with a bang in preparation for FanCon! Will start with Old school 80's Anime, then 90's, 2000's and finally the latest anime. Hope to go in depth  into the art and music :)

    1. Viper


      Nice sounds like a good plan 

  7. Lucky Star, Pokemon, DBZ, Beyblade, Cowboy Beebop, Hellsing, just too many. (As you can see I'm a bit old school)

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