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  1. I quit overwatch, cause OW2 is coming out. Still playing torchlight 2 and Mario maker 2
  2. Got torchlight 2 on switch. I dont know why people didn't like the torchlight series besides the pc versions had a lot of hackers. Though playing on console like switch, I'm not really worried about hackers. Using hacks on PS4 and Switch can get you banned, then you have to pay money to get other membership. So far torchlight 2 is worth it, if you are looking for a action rpg like diablo.
  3. Cant talk too much about Overhaul, since it will be spoilers, but he thinks he's just better then everyone. He's really no better then the rest of the villains. I haven't read anymore past the overhaul series, but I'm wondering if All for one is going to give his powers to Tomura Shigaraki
  4. ferrothorn is still good as ever. Still a tank thats hard to kill unless you have a fire type, which its 4 times weak to fire. Also can't really do much besides spam stealth rocks and hope fire types keep taking damage from them. It can use leech seed spam and left overs to keep getting life back. Why its also good is how it fits on rain teams. Rain teams what to not take damage from electric attacks, and ferrothorn doesn't take really any damage from electric. It also works on sandstorm steams cause it doesn't take damage from sand, since its steel type. Its main attacks now are gyroball or heavy slam. As for grass attack you can just use power whip and leech seed.
  5. The villains also had no guards around their place, no plans if their place got attacked. They also just assumed that no one could find them. The heroes might have known this also. And Just thought the villains are too over confident.
  6. Ive actually been winning games with braviary of all pokemon in pvp. This thing has gone from bottom tier to pretty good tier. Bulk Up gives it attack and defense. brave bird does a ton of damage close combat destroys rock and steel types, and with bulk up it can 1-2 hit most of them also can learn shadow claw to kill ghost types. And since its normal and flying it cant be hit by ghost. Leans defog, which gets rid of stealth rocks and spikes and toxic spikes. That people use a lot in PvP It has a hidden ability defiant, which you can get in max raids. If they try to use defog on you, or intimidate. It will raise its attack by +2 and with bulk up that's +3 attack. And will do a ton of damage.
  7. Even in season 2-3, gran torino was trying to make a point to deku, he needs to think for himself. I also wouldn't be surprised if they add a character that can fully heal people. Recovery girls healing is kind of limited. If she could fully heal people, she would have fully healed Almight a long time ago.
  8. she can only heal so much, they could make a new character later on that can fully heal people.
  9. that doesn't mean he can fight any better. Not being able to use your arms at 100% is a pretty big weakness. I think they might be able to find someone like recovery girl, who can fully heal his arms again.
  10. Man I thought Rotom Wash was going to be meh since they took away its defog move, but man its even better now. Gigantamax Rotom wash can summon rain, which makes some moves never miss like hurricane and thunder. And it also boost water moves. It also summons electric terrain, which boost elec moves, and pokemon that are touching the ground can't sleep. So it counters spore, rest, and any other move that makes you sleep or them sleep. Rotom wash is really good now about clefable, man this thing is really OP as a non legend. With magic guard, it ignores burn, toxic, poison, and cant take damage from them. Though it still can be hit by poison attacks and steel attacks. Though poison and burn does nothing to it, it also cant be hit by hail, or sandstorm, or rocks and spikes. With cosmic power it can keep using cosmic power till it takes hardly any damage at all. And with moon light it can just keep healing. And it can learn flamethrower to kill steel types. And man when clefable turns into its gigantamax form, flame thrower turns into max flame, with brings out the sun and completely destroys steel types and grass types. And has max fairy attack also, which brings out misty, and misty makes stats moves useless. The most powerful non legend though is got to be dragapult, this thing is faster and does more damage then any other mon, besides the legends. Has dragon dance, to do even more damage with physical damage moves. Or you can use life orb to do even more damage. Has steel wing to kill fairy types, or use its max form, and use max steel attack to 1 hit kill fairy types.
  11. Right now the most OP non legends in Pokemon sword and shield are. Ferrothorn moves, stealth rocks, leech seed, gyro ball and powerwhip, Clefable moves, moon light, moon blast, calm mind or cosmic power, and flame thrower. excadrill-steath rocks, rapid spin, earth quake, iron head, or use a other rock move like rock slide tyranitar-crunch, pursuit, earthquake, and stone edge. Dragapult- this thing can go physical attacker or SP-attacker, and just out speeds everything, and does a ton of damage.
  12. that doesn't even sound fun, sounds like work. I thought people play games to have fun, not be a job. Anyway still trying to get clefairys fat pink ass in pokemon sword. Didn't know it was so hard to get one.
  13. that looks like the most boring game I've seen in my life. It looks like a high school project
  14. this is one of the best pokemon games since diamond and pearl.
  15. Playing Pokemon Sword, its already better then lets go. Glad they got rid of the motion controls. Such a pain catching mons with the motion controls. Its back to get the pokemon down to low HP then catch them.

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