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  1. Well its blizzards fault if a new law on video game bans get made. Ive seen a lot of other vids to that people are going to quit blizzard games. And other people are going to protest during blizzcon
  2. I have all on DVD HItman Reborn Dragon ball dragon ball z dragon ball super escaflowne movie Iria danganronpa deathnote attack on titan season 1 and 2 Mai-hime Vandread Black Cat Akira Ninja scroll fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist brother hood princess mononoke spirted away metropolis FLCL Jojos part 1,2,3 my hero academia season 1,2,3 Baki the grappler cowboy bebop samurai champloo s-cry-ed wolfs rain ghost in the shell ghost in the shell arise Hunter x Hunter all dvds yu yu hakusho dual parallel trouble adventure serial experiments lain
  3. This is getting real, this might lead to a new law
  4. America had kind of the same problem, they were under paying writers, until they went on strike.
  5. Ive heard about it before. And they brought up most people in Japan don't get paid that much. As the way they see it is you can work in a office all day. Or you can work in a office all day drawing anime. Theres a really high demand for voice actors though, so they get paid more. Theres really nothing we can do about it. Only japan can fix the problem.
  6. I don't think anyone on this site will care, but ninja warriors remake is out today on PSN and Switch Shop. Ill be playing this all day.
  7. Its just a minor nit pick, but they dont really need to do recaps. They could add something else, the filler ep of Tsuyu was really well done. They could do more like that of other characters.
  8. Once they start showing recaps every season though, most people are just going to skip half the ep, since that's what it is. Its also only a matter of time before the fandom of Bubble girl starts
  9. Im hoping they add more of Jiro, so far they haven't really shown much of her. Theres rumors also that the invisible girl is secretly working for the villains. Though this is just a rumor. The biggest problem with my hero is, every season they have to explain the plot and characters just to fill in time. Its like people already know who they are and what is going on. And new comers are just going to watch season 1 anyway.
  10. Man I cant wait to play Indivisible , I remember playing the demo and the gameplay was really good Going to get Valfaris also
  11. it depends on the coffee and tea, mostly making tea is a pain if you make it yourself. Coffee I can make it taste good with the right creamer. Also cold brew coffee taste better.
  12. Sony also tried with spyro and crash bandicoot. Its just kids now a days are just not as good as video games as they used to be. And xbox gave up after Blinx failed. When people think of xbox they think of Master Chief.
  13. you mean when Sony had Jak and Daxter, Sly cooper, and ratchet and clank? Ya they tried, but most kids didn't care I guess. They rather play fortnite and Minecraft.

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