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  1. I mean if you really want dubs, its best to wait till they come on dvd and bluray. Its really hard to find streaming sites that have both subs and dubs.
  2. don't like Naruto or neon genesis evangelion. The characters are just to annoying
  3. depends on what you want to see, action, sci-fi, giant mech, romance, comedy, slice of life. Theres a lot of different kinds of anime. Seems like you like action anime so I can say you might like these Mai-Hime Vandread Black Cat Hitman Reborn Hunter X hunter yu yu hakusho i was reincarnated as a slime magi the labyrinth of magic, 2nd series magic the kingdom of magic fate/zero then the 2rd series fate/stay night unlimited blade works tv series not the movie Baki the grappler 2001-part 2 baki 2011 part 3 baki 2018 boku no hero academia attack on titan fullmetal alchemist jojo's bizarre adventure part 1,2,3,4,5 ghost in the shell tv series cowboy bebop trigun rurouni kenshin samurai champloo
  4. Hunter X hunter comes to mind. It starts off kind of light hearted, then gets pretty dark. Since Gon is just happy go lucky, and his friend is also a kid. Then all of a sudden people start getting killed, and someones heart gets ripped out. Then when you think it can't get any darker, the chimera ant ark happens. old school dragon ball is pretty adult, if you think about all the sexual jokes they add. And had to edit Bulma nude in some parts. A lot of animes that came to America and other countries have been really been edited hard over the years, like even Voltron, which had cussing and blood. And DBZ.
  5. Nothing really, the older you get the less free time you have to do anything.
  6. the game might be fun to play. Though why does the gfx look so bad for next gen game? I really hope one day they make capcom vs shonen jump.
  7. the only game I want is Pokemon sword and shield, other then that I didn't care about the other games. Though last of us 2 is other game I can't wait to play.
  8. Well compared to other animes, most of the characters are throw aways, or have no story. Everyone almost has a story in attack on titan so you know about them. They aren't just some randoms like goblin slayers side characters, aka lizard man, elf girl, and witch, which the anime doesn't talk about anything about them. Or one punch man s class heroes that have 0 story, like aka flashy flash, dogman, or metal knight. These are just some examples of characters who are just there, and have no story, and you feel like you don't know anything about them. As for season 3 part 2 of AoT, its really fast, and get to see the armored titan, beast titan, and colossal titan all fight. And they all have a background and a story. Almost all characters do in AoT, you also never know who is going to die or who isn't. I mean some characters in other shounens could die, but most of them time you don't feel anything, mostly cause they have 0 story to them.
  9. Bloodstained is almost here, its all I'm going to play
  10. Baki 2001 series is more complete then the OVA. Since 2001 baki has all the fights to the tournament arc. Season 2 comes next which was the 2018 series. which is the 5 prisoner arc. Its hard to pick a best in Fate/stay night 2014 since all the fights are really good
  11. hitman reborn, tsuna vs xanxus black cat, eve vs leon boku no hero academia, all might vs all for one the guyver, guyver vs super Hyperzoinoid Fate/Zero, Emiya Kiritsugu vs Kotomine Kirei maybe one of the best fights in anime magi the kingdom of magic, anytime morgiana fights samurai champloo, jin vs kariya yu yu hakusho, yusuke vs toguro rurouni kenshin kenshin vs shishio Baki the grappler, Baki vs Jack. vandread, the final battle one punch man, saitama vs the space pirate king Jojos bizzarre adventure, joseph vs cars jojo's bizarre adventure part 3, jojo vs dio
  12. its about 104, and during the summer it can be around 100 everyday.
  13. heres the painting I was talking about. There was a video also talking about how some women walked up to the artist to paint her kids. Then again she instantly regret it, when he gave her in the painting of her kids she was freaked out, she could see kids hands in the background, and her daughter was turned into a doll standing next to her son. And of course she didn't keep it. Though it sold for a ton on Ebay https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hands_Resist_Him
  14. most things don't care me, but there is a cursed painting you can google it. Some guy painted it with a bunch of children's hands on it, and 2 evil looking kids in it. Its worth a ton of money, but I wouldn't own it.
  15. Akira was kind of the 1st time anyone has seen anything like that. Though from what I've heard they left out a lot of stuff from the Manga.
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