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  1. Some fandoms, like the Naruto fanbase, bleach fanbase, and some other fanbases are really toxic. Toxic is like they talk about how great their any is but most other people don't care, then they get mad.
  2. I only really watched jojo's bizarre adventure part 5, one punch man, attack on titan, my hero, other then that didn't care for anything else.
  3. Shouldn't this thread be in the recommendations forums? Anyway the best adventure animes ive seen are Jojo part 3, traveling around the world and trying to save his mom from a curse. Magi the kingdom of magic and secret of blue water are up there also.
  4. Jojo's bizarre adventure you should start watching it right now if you like attack on titan, its pretty dark action anime. Its up to part 5 you should start with part 1. Hunter X hunter is really good One Punch man is really good my hero academia is really good
  5. In anime little girls for the most part are the most powerful characters. Like Lain, she can change and control the whole world when ever she wants. And pretty much do anything she wants.
  6. I wouldn't want to talk to a anime fan in real life. I know they would make me mad as soon as they bring up dragon ball z or Naruto is the best animes ever. These fans are really toxic.
  7. I never finished battle toads and double dragon and super ghouls n ghost. Just really hard games. Now days you can beat almost any game cause you have infinite lives and infinite continues. Back in the day you were limited to what you had. I can only image these fortnite, five nights at Freddy, and Minecraft kids trying to beat Nintendo and Sega games now.
  8. Play torchlight 2. Man the Mage is broken, does a ton of damage, every spell is pretty good.
  9. The shield hero hate was kind of silly and just shows that people think that women never do anything wrong. And im high guardian spice was a complete failure. And never give your money to crunchyroll.
  10. Well, its hard to say but, hunter x hunter has been out for years. My hero is just now catching up, and has a while to go. The worst part about hunter x hunter is maybe greed island and the bomber. The bomber is just kind of lame. The only good part was when Razor showed up.
  11. There isn't that many animes like my hero and one punch man. Since super hero anime stuff is kind of newer. Hunter X hunter is really good. You might like Hitman reborn also.
  12. The engineer in touch light 2 is kind of broken. You can make any build and it will be good. The engineers spider mines and heat seeking rockets and insane.
  13. I dont think so. Unless you never watched fist of the Northstar, yu yu hakusho, hunter x hunter, rurouni kenshin, hitman reborn, and some others. I still don't even know why people like bakugo, all he does is yell and annoying.
  14. I find that there is too much anime for kids or teens. There is hardly any anime for adults. I also can't stand characters who are loud and obnoxious. Some reason people like really annoying characters like Naruto or Luffy
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