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  1. the movie is great, maybe the best anime live action movie.
  2. Well I don't think love spells happen in real life. Im just saying most anime characters would not want anything to do with anyone. Theres a few anime characters that are nice like the DBZ characters, one piece characters, and maybe some characters like Gon from hunter x hunter. Most anime characters don't want anything to do with anyone. Then again im too old also to hang out with most anime characters, since most of them are teenagers. So it would be weird.
  3. most anime characters would not want anything to do with you in real life. Seeing how they almost 99% of time tell people they are annoying, or go away, or leave me alone.
  4. Baki is really nothing but action and fighting. And if you are most likely into slice of life, or dramas most likely you wont like it. Also its pretty much a male only anime. It would be like me watching a female only anime, with girls acting girly, I would hate it. At least Baki makes me feel like a man watching it.
  5. fav animes of this summer was one punch man season 2, attack on titan season 3 part 2, and jojos part 5
  6. I feel like the 1st 2 eps might turn people off, cause theres a lot of explaining, after that though it picks up pretty fast. And is one of my fav animes now.
  7. Mostly cause there is nothing on TV worth watching. And in most action, sci fi, fantasy animes you cant do any of that stuff in real life. And real life is boring.
  8. Im not sure if adventure time started with the characters having no common sense, and having bright colors. Though sponge bob might have started this. Then I noticed every main character in the 2000s and up all act like sponge bob.
  9. I never cared about the most popular animes, though in Japan animes like cowboy bebop, trigun, and samurai champloo weren't that popular in japan compared to America. Also Dragon ball got better reviews in japan then dragon ball z. I know also one piece was or is one of the most popular animes, but the animation is really ugly, and the characters are just as ugly to look at. Sword art online is just bad, I don't need to talk about why its bad, you can search why people don't like it. And Naruto is full of annoying characters, like sasuke, who just hates everyone, and the only reason people like him is cause they are emo, or think he looks good. To me it seems like the most popular animes love having annoying characters. Or stories that have already been done before in the 80s and 90s. A lot of people think that also just cause a anime is popular in the west means it did well in japan which isn't the case. Besides attack on titan, which has its own theme park in japan. Also Sao is popular for being hated, you can just search on google why people hate it. Or search on youtube. Find out why people don't like besides having a plot that go's no where and tons of filler that adds nothing to the story. Though my hero academia might be my fav popular anime. Maybe cause it doesn't have a lot of annoying characters like Naruto does.
  10. Seeing how the creator said he wanted to break all the rules of anime. Meaning it doesn't follow any of the standards of other anime. Also if you don't get japans type of comedy, then you just won't get FLCL. I remember also in high school people who watched anime, also didn't get Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Its just a different kind of comedy. Its like a picasso painting, you appreciate it for how unique it is.
  11. Maybe you just don't understand comedy. Then again western comedy has turned into a bunch of yelling and screaming, thanks to pewdiepie and markiplier.
  12. The guyver needs a real remake, the 2000 was kind of bad.
  13. Basket Ball Mario or Sonic
  14. the only horror anime I watched was lily c.a.t. And Blood C

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