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  1. I rewatched Shinsekai yori after 6-7 years and I am filled with more anger and hate than I have ever felt over a tv show over the actions of the humans.
  2. I said they are not animating the whole game just the last arc and if you haven't played it you won't get the story.
  3. The bans make sense. Their initial reaction to steal a player's hard earned money is when people rightfully lost their shit. I think they gave it back....so the rest of the matter is pretty meaningless.
  4. I thought I would like this but they only animated the last arc and now you have to play the game to understand the whole story. Not gonna be watching this.
  5. This one called ISLAND which is good but am not getting in the mood to finish it.
  6. It's the only demo I've played so can't compare but it should be like 3 hours of playtime.
  7. Play the demo it's free and it's like the first 1/3rd of the game. They are really trying to make this the best looking visual novel for the next 10 years.
  8. I haven't played that many visual novels but this one stands above the rest when it comes to world building, production quality, art and pretty much everything I can think off. It's on sale on steam too right now. The biggest issue though is how long the devs are taking to release the next game.
  9. Command and conquer series? I have played generals and tiberium wars and I'd recommend the later for the story.
  10. The classic Evangelion, Death note.
  11. It's unique to each person because what makes you feel connected with people can vary. Usually find some common ground with people who love to talk.
  12. Dreams don't mean anything. Just your brain messing around with the information you processed. If you're scared thats all the more reason you'd have dreams like them. Me I don't even remember dreaming anything in 99.9% of nights.
  13. I have listened to a lot of nightcore but this one stands above the rest.
  14. Why don't we use magical girls to solve our energy crisis? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
  15. You have some serious gems in there. I'd watch em asap.
  16. Gurren lagan was stupid, clannad was boring game of thrones is overrated, SJWs ruin good things.
  17. As a normal citizen or as a guy with power/stature/wealth?
  18. One day is more than enough to study for one subject in it's entirety. So you can finish studying everything in the time left. You just need either a text book with the syllabus sitting next to you or the complete notes of a student who takes good notes. Complete every topic one by one and as you start understanding everything that just gives you the motivation to continue.
  19. This will be the first E3 I will get to watch live.
  20. Haha that must suck.
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