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  1. Hello!^^ Welcome to the forums, Tori! I really hope you like it here! If you need anything feel free to ask me! Or if you want to be friends feel free to follow me!~ Hope you like it here, and hope to see you around!
  2. Hiyori Nishiyama! She is as short as Taiga ( and probably even shorter! ) and much cuter, in my opinion! Not only is she super cute, but her being very short is the main thing in the anime! :3
  3. Confession: Christmas is my favorite holiday, and St. Patrick's Days is my least favorite holiday :3.
  4. I prefer PC Gaming, since, I love visual novels and I don't play video games/console games very often. And plus, I have a friend who let's me borrow his VNs time to time, so I don't really run out of material to play. The only video games I own are the Pokémon games and I don't really play them anymore
  5. You are a very brave soul . I can't stomach cannibalism in anime, let alone in real life. I have been getting into Moe anime recently, but that is not surprising , since , most of my favorite anime and stories I have written center on Moe or a Moe character.
  6. Saying things to my friends I really don't mean, and lieing to their faces. In the past, I have said a lot of things I regret saying. Due to this, I lost an important friend.
  7. Ah, that's a throwback to the days when I did that to my crush. Its surprising how time passes by quickly >.<
  8. Welcome to AnimeForums! I hope you enjoy your time here ^^ If you need any anime recommendations feel free to post a comment on my profile ( P.S. I know lots ). Hope to see you around!
  9. I normally watch it on my tablet or my PC. I prefer my tablet, since, I can control the sound easier and not have to worry about my parents walking in on a big ecchi scene >.<
  10. You say " I love You " while their near you. But then, you say you meant " You Watanabe " from Love Live! Its genius and works every time
  11. Actually, there is a Japanese dub with professional voice actors/actresses in it. And honestly, I personally thought the original English one was better than the Japanese dub
  12. I only use it if someone doesn't know what " anime " means or is. But, to be fair its the correct way to say " anime ". Anime is basically the shortened version of " Animēshon ", which means animation. So if someone used Japanese animation instead of anime they would be far more correct, since, anime is basically just a slang.
  13. Kurumi Tokisaki. She might be overrated, but she is still awesome!~ She looks pretty, has awesome powers, and her dress is to die for She is like the mascot for all heterochromia!
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