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  1. Spoilers ahead (obviously) but if you haven't watched it, you should watch it, and then come back to this thread. Wow! What a first episode! First off, I am in love with the opening. Very catchy stuff. It definitely started off slow. I had the totally wrong impression of the MC at first. He seems quite shy (which I guess he really is), but ultimately at the end of the day he showed another side to himself later on. But what really surprised me was Misaki's answer to Yuusuke's confession. I haven't read the source material but initial impressions from the little bit of Lili
  2. OKAY SO: 1) First I ask for recommendations from people here who I know like the same things I do. 2) I look at related anime to ones I like. 3) I use anime suggestion engines and MAL Anime recommendations based on a series I've seen. 4) I use the subreddit /r/animesuggest 5) In some cases, if the anime is produced by a small studio, there is a good chance that the studio has another work you will like as well. 6) I stalk random people's MAL lists.
  4. Love the deep convos going on. 1. Whats something you want everyone to have in the world? Happiness. 2. How would you end all wars? Stop starting them. 3. Whats your favorite animal? Dogs! 4. Whats your favorite vehicle? Jeep Wrangler 5. How do you deal with sadness? In a variety of ways. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I talk to others. Ultimately I try to rationalize my thoughts and attempt to gain a deeper understanding of my sadness. 6. Would you help someone on AF if they were depressed? I would try when I could, but unfortunately I do not get on AF as much anymor
  5. Hi, not back, I'm Dad.

  6. I should have listened to that crazy fool. Here I had thought that he had just been like the others, a lunatic. Why should have I believed that he was some sort of holy being, sent to give me a warning? Ridiculous. But as I stared at the giant casino floor that was the top level of hell, populated by patrons that took on the form of zombies and ogres and elves and dragon spirits, I started to wonder just how ridiculous it had been after all. I turned back to face the devil, who was dressed exceptionally well in his suit and tie. If it hadn't have been for the red scales and the horns, I w
  7. I actually just had to throw out a container. It was going bad??? Like it had a really blackish color and smelled like mold??? I think I need to keep it in the fridge when I open it.
  8. I drank some good apple juice the other day at work in the break room. I was worried that one of my fellow employees were going to come in because I stayed there so long drinking it and needed to get back to work. I couldn't help it. It was very good!
  9. Tell her to wear something nice and meet me at six, no questions asked.
  10. I definitely prefer Shippuden between the two. They are both great for what they are and I love them both. However; in Shippuden, the tale is just on a much more epic scale. More power, bigger threats, bigger themes. My biggest complaint about Shippuden that the original series handled well, however, is exploring life outside the main narrative (life on the other teams, etc).
  11. I only watched a few titles this season. That being said, #1 has to go to... 3 Gatsu No Lion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL5nnx4vd7k This delightful story about a professional Shogi player and his struggle with coming to terms with tragedy and the movement of time is a beautiful mosaic on life. The art? Gorgeous. Music? Beautiful. And the story is the perfect, light web of character development that any Slice of Life anime should be. Truly the most beautiful anime of the season (out of what I watched, anyway).
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