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  1. My dark humor thread has been deleted and i'm quite sad

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lenox


      I understand it is for that reason i warned the readers and put my joke in a spoler tag

    3. Ryuji


      Nevertheless, Anime Forums is not the place for that kind of stuff. (I didn't find it to be dark or humorous) Anyways, the thread was deleted by our founder, Optic.

    4. Lenox


      So be it then

  2. Hello there me lady fancy meeting you here xD

    1. Kiriness


      Hey! Whaddya know, it's you! :3 I had no idea you were here as well. Nice bumping into you again :)

  3. Such a cool website yet so few people are on

    1. Bakaath


      The reason as to why I don't get on is cause it's really takes a lot of time to load this site. I'm an impatient person so I get ol when I really really wanna get on.

  4. You have some balls bro but i'm not sure if you will have them one week into your repationship
  5. I wont marry anyone but if i had too choose it would be shinoa hiragi
  6. You are welcome keep up the good work
  7. I subbed too you as well btw
  8. Hey there welcome to the forums
  9. Lenox


    Not all that intrested in sports anime
  10. Lenox


    Nice i like the first two but havent seen Haikyo
  11. Lenox


    What are you watching this season ?
  12. Lenox


    I didnt like mecha too much now i do but i'm not opsessing over them lol
  13. Lenox


    I see there are some good mecha anime tho you should at least try code geas
  14. Lenox


    What genres do you prefer bro ?

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