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    My Hero Academia, Naruto, Beyond the Boundary, Orange, SAO, Soul Eater, Kamisama Kiss, Erased, Charlotte... gosh there's too many to put them all down.
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  1. My first was Fruits Basket. I can't really remember how I discovered it, but as soon as I watched it I fell in love and have been watching anime ever since...
  2. I ate yummy strawberry and fudge ice cream
  3. So I just finished watching Cowboy Bebop the other day and I have to say it was one of the best animes I'd ever seen. The characters, plot, and just general theme were amazing and something I'd never really seen in an anime before. And then there was the ending. It's unclear whether he survived or not but the episode kind of gave the impression that he probably didn't, on the other hand though they never actually said if he was really dead or not. Honestly, I would love for Spike to have survived but I think it's almost too good to be true. Anyway, what are your opinions? Is our beloved Spike dead or alive?
  4. funny enough it was a my hero academia shirt
  5. I completely finished Naruto but Naruto Shippuden on the other hand... I've kind of put it on hold for now. I love Naruto but, like everyone else says, the fillers are just a bit too much sometimes. Naruto has this wonderfully horrible way of drawing out fights that could last for like two episodes into lasting for five. Some people say to just skip the filler episodes but I'm one of those people that if start watching a show I have to watch all of it. So I technically haven't stopped watching Naruto I've just pushed it off to the side until I'm ready to tackle all the filler again lol. p.s Naruto really isn't a bad show it's just really long so for those of you that stopped on episode one keep going! At least finish the original Naruto because it is still one of my favorite shows.
  6. I'd want to meet either Deku or Bakugou from MHA. Deku would just be a sweet little ball of fluff while Bakugou's attitude would make me want to either punch him or run away and hide.
  7. Thanks, you have a good day too :)
  8. I can never get over the nasty bitter taste of coffee (though a lot of people enjoy it) so tea is defiantly my top and only choice.
  9. Just started watching Cowboy Bebop and I really like it! It's got a down to earth kind of feel to it and seems pretty realistic while fictional at the same time. Oh, and I'm also watching season 3 of My Hero Academia of course, it's sooooooo good!!
  10. Snow White With the Red Hair, Say I love you, Bokura ga ita, Kamisama Kiss, Beyond the Boundary, Itazura na Kiss, Maid Sama, Steins Gate (this one isn't romance heavy but it's still good), Toradora, Blue Spring Ride, Skip Beat, The World is Still Beautiful, Fuuka, MY love STORY, My Little Monster (I didn't care for this one but you might like it), Clannad and Clannad After story, Orange, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Kimi Ni Todoke... that's all I've got! All of these are good so I hope that you find one that looks interesting!
  11. Charlotte, Erased, and Barakamon are all pretty good, they're completely different genres from each other though. If you like supernatural things watch Charlotte, if you like murder mysteries with a hint of supernatural watch Erased, and if you like slice of life animes watch Barakamon. Honestly if you just google "what are some good 12 or 24 episode animes" you can read a bunch of descriptions about a bunch of different animes and pick one that looks good.
  12. I had an enchilada for dinner and it was GOOD
  13. it's definitely not Steins Gate, I just finished watching the anime not too long ago and the only thing in common with it and what @Gosalyn described is that there's time travel in it, otherwise it's completely different. Other than that I can't really help you, sorry. Did you try googling it? edit: just realized someone already said it wasn't Steins Gate lol oh well
  14. Hello and welcome, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself on this site! I'm fairly new myself and I can tell you that all of the people here are great!
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