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  1. Last thing i wached was attack on titan and its amust watch!! i coulndt stop watching - even tough im into romance anime now its an action anime but omg SO good - see the first ep and you hooked
  2. Kuzu no Honkai Wolf Girl and Black Prince Suktte ii na yo shingeki no bahamut virgin soul Akagami no Shirayuki-hime kamisama kiss norn9 Akatzki no yona Vampire knight
  3. attack on titans - After I got a recommendation from 2 friends, I saw it , though I'm in the mode of romantic series i can not stop seeing it! Highly recommended.
  4. just about to finish Kuzu no Honkai it is SO good!
  5. yes OMG, but as a girl i could really relate and i think girls are really like that when they first falling for somone, like Erika, very naive. remaind me of me few years ago lol.
  6. Just started Wolf Girl and Black Prince - so far loveing it
  7. I'll be honest - I have been in Europe at : London, Bucharest, Budapest, Crete, Mykonos, Palma de Mallorca, Berlin, Kiev, Barcelona, I think it's because I'm from the Middle East but i don't really like Europe, first of all its so cold most of the times and I like warm places. I can say the only places here that I enjoy were Greece (Crete, Mykonos) but it's more for 18-22 ages And Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca - was fun but again i can't say i had so much fun - ppl are acting differently from were im from(not in a good way), and i think comparing to Europe in here part
  8. Really liked the commants here ! intersting, read yours @SleepyLeoulf do you also watch a lot of wolfs anime ? so about me.. 1. i was sniper instructor in the army - really loved it and the army also 2.i met one of my best friend on facebook via a group that if you want to go on vaction and you have boring friends you can get to book with other ppl your age a vaction ( ofcours u talk first, meet in caffe place and see if the person is ok and cool) so we now 2 years bff and went on a lot of vactions together and mad partys 3. yea im a party girl, i love to d
  9. vempire knight - and thanks @gigalomaniaczero ill add all to my list
  10. nice! i dont think i have Quote that i use on everyday life, but i have quots that burned in my brain for some reason. i do hear it in Japanees in my head lol
  11. i watched until episode 6 but then I lost interest... its nice anime and it has very interesting story but i guss i need more action .. idk my co-worker loved this show so he recommended.
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