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  1. Definitely Scum's Wish it dragged me in made me feel like shit throughout the whole anime built me up to a happy ending right on the last 2 episodes.....then it grabbed any hope i had and shit on it.
  2. So I read your post and seen as you suggested future diary cuz as you said it's very special i thought it might be good......I just finished the entire anime.....i feel empty inside Never has an anime built me up too such a bitter ending! I love you and hate you for what you've done!
  3. So once again i've hit a stump! I find myself in a situation where i'm not too familiar with anime to identify good anime's to watch but also not too unfamiliar that any anime I watch is automatically the best anime ever! I first started off with Shounen anime as we all do going through the main titles aswell such as fullmetal, AOT etc. I then became interested in comedy which led to comedy - romance which led to just romance but not just any romance!.. Oh no my main interest currently is dark romance! It started with Your Lie in April that spiced up the whole idea of the romance genre in general for me then I moved onto others things even explored boku no pico out of general curiousity.......never again......And finally the last anime I watched was Scum's Wish which connected with me on so many levels just due to past experiences of mine! So what i'm trying to say is does anyone have any recommendations for an anime with a romantic theme but dark twist to it because i'm currently in love with that type of anime! I appreciate any advice given thanks!
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