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    Ellen Lied, Tenchi series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akame game Kill, Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars, Fruits Basket, Yona of the Dawn, Ouran Host Highschool, Gunslinger Girl, Black Lagoon, Twelve Kingdoms, Ranma 1/2, and many more! I prefer a lot of reverse harms because it seems as if the main story plot isn't washed over by the amount of unneeded flashing.
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    Slice of Life
    Reverse Harem

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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but there are several manga titles that deserve to have more than one season or even an anime series! Such as Yona of the Dawn, Fruits Basket - yes, I know they are redoing it and ABOUT TIME! -, Citrus, Ouran High School Host Club, etc. I get that its based on popularity and sales but come on!! So, does anyone else have any mangas or even anime that deserve to have their own anime or even a second season?
  2. It varies, it all comes down - for me at least - in how I started watching the anime. Such as if I started watching it in Dub, I find it hard to switch to Sub because I'm used to the voices, or, the English Dub just sounds a whole lot better than the original Japanese version such as DB or FMA. But, there are a few titles I've started watching in Dub and after watching it in Sub, I was much happier with the series such as Sailor Moon and Naruto. If I had to pick one or the other though, I would vote Sub mainly because the original version is so much better in my opinion. I also prefer Subs with FanSub instead of being Subbed by an American company translator. My reasons are simply because FanSub keeps it raw in its original meaning while American companies translating it just dumbs down the original meaning and people begin to believe that parts of the storyline or characters are less than what the creator intended. Such as cousins in Sailor Moon or inappropriate jokes in other animes that America has censored or cut out. Keep it uncut and original is the best way to go, at least for me.
  3. 1. Despite hating on certain types of genres, I love listing to bubblegum pop to make me happy. 2. I'm a hard-worker at work but at home, I'm lazy as ever when it comes down to getting things done. 3. I have to leave my cards and cash at home to prevent myself from spending money on things I don't need. 4. I wish Elsa from Frozen was my best friend so she could give me the same treatment she gives to Olaf once she was able to control her powers. 5. I wish I could be transported to a mystical world like in anime or video games and spend the rest of my life there.
  4. I own an alarming number of systems. I have the Nintendo DS, Dreamcast, PS One, PS 2, PS3, PS4, XBOX, XBOX 360 ELITE, GAMECUBE, COMPUTER, PSP, the system that plays NES, SNES, NES64, and GAMEBOY.
  5. I have a lot of different husbandos in mind, but I would say out of all mine, I would choose Vegeta. My reasons are he was the main character that seemed to have some serious growth on the show and never became boring. He has proven time and time again to be an amazing family man willing to do anything to make them happy and unlike Goku, HE STICKS AROUND AND RAISES HIS KIDS AND INVOLVED WITH HIS FAMILY. lol I love his character even his flaws because that is what makes Vegeta, Vegeta, yet they aren't overbearing. He is also a great friend that would do anything for them. I would consider myself lucky if I ever found a guy like that . The pride is the biggest flaw, but even he is able to acknowledge when it is time to push it away for the better of his family and friends.
  6. Hey there, fellow nerd! Thanks for joining. =)
  7. 1. Suikoden 2. ?? 3. Syura Akame ga Kill 4. Hajime Saito Rurouni Kenshin 5. Misty 6. Dragon Ball series/ Fullmetal Alchemist 7. Pork 8. Cat's Eyes
  8. Hey, everyone, like many of you, I just started and would love to get some fresh titles to animes and add to my vast favorites. I like nearly any type of anime genre but prefer reverse harems with strong female leads such as Yona of the Dawn, Snow White with the Red Hair, Twelve Kingdoms, and Ouran Host Club. Females that doesn't have to physically stand out - if you get my drift - all the while strong personality wise. I have seen Dance with the Devils, Amnesia, and titles similar to those and didn't like them. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  9. Anime4eva If you are meaning Asuka from Evangelion then I wholeheartily agree! She is still my favorite.
  10. I don't recall the phrase word for word, but it is from Vandread where the main character is fighting back toward the main bad guy at the end. Basically Hibiki tells them that being scared of them is nothing but joke compared to your own fears and insecurities. Also Fruits Basket where Momiji tells Torhru to be able to smile and feel at peace with your painful memories will make you strong enough that it can no longer be used as a weapon towards you but another milestone you overcame.
  11. Are you asking for anime detailing sex or violence? If your asking about gore and such there are a plethora of anime titles that match that such as Hellsing, Akame game kill, Ellen Lied, Future Diary. But, if you asking about hentai then I would suggest Lady Innocent, Bible black, etc. Good luck on your search.
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