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  1. So, scifi or space opera? If Scifi, look into Outlaw Star. It was made fairly close to Bepop.
  2. What have you already watched? I'd hate to end up suggesting anime you've already seen
  3. I'm a big fan of Solty Rei. Great scifi, story is good. In the same vein I'd recommend Moribito, as a fantasy anime.
  4. I don't believe it was a Matsumoto series. He had a very distinct vision of space travel. Have you looked at the older Gundam series? Truthfully, they were widely popular enough I could see them getting a German run.
  5. Which time are you referring to? It's been awhile since I watched it, but are you referring to the slap in DoD? Or maybe the one in Tenchi Forever (I can't remember if he slapped her then or not)? Give a little more background for us. Tenchi is a big multi-dimensilnal group of stories.
  6. Since you have the switch, I recommend checking out Enchanted in the Moonlight. Loved Chikage's storyline. Word of warning, if you choose Kiryu, expect some weird stuff to happen...probably should avoid that storyline your first time diving in. I played through these (all but yukinojo and the wolf guy) on my tablet back before Voltage pulled my two favorites (Enchanted in the Moonlight and Her Love in the Force) for the switch. Would almost make buying a switch worthwhile to me to play them again. I've probably dumped too much money on VNs than is good for me. Honestly, playing VNs has made me aware that I have a type lol...didn't think I did until I looked back at all my number one VN guys lol.
  7. This is the first year I've been truly disgusted with Battlebots. I may not have agreed with some of the judges' decisions in years past (most, though not all, of their rulings against Duck essentially), but the Hydra vs HUGE decision has me downright pissed. I can overlook the Rotator vs Beta decision as they have a teensy bit of leg to stand on there but there was nothing right about the Hydra vs HUGE decision. It showed no sportsmanship, was not a battle at all, and I think should have been a disqualification due to excessive pinning (free movement around the box was prevented). That was not a good match. It was not enjoyable to watch and it left me asking why. Maybe it's time to retire those judges. If more battles continue to end like they seem to be this season I won't be excited to see next year's season. Other than that, the first walkerbot, in a configuration I always figured would come out first for a walker! Very different from the old Chomp. Like a moth having emerged from it's cocoon
  8. The only one I'm looking forward to is Log Horizon Season 3. I've been waiting for this season for what feels like forever.
  9. Not all CGI is bad....just most all of it is! Hehe, I didn't watch the trailer but the snapshot on the front of the video looks like a cheap video game...imho anyways.
  10. It's true. I did some Sims4 rebuilds yesterday. Planning on playing Fallen Order tonight. Just so tired >_>
  11. I spent the wee hours of the morning playing Jedi Fallen Order. It looks so pretty on my new TV! Been cleaning house since I woke up that said. Cleaning out my closet. Threw out 3 bags of clothes, going to donate 5 bags. >_> My closet looks pretty roomy now.
  12. I'd go with My Next Life as a Villianess: All Routes Lead to Doom! It was perfect.
  13. As far as Gateways are concerned, start with Ghibli, then do a Shinkai film or two, before going into other anime. I find Ghibli tends to focus on bog themes with war vs pacifism, environmental custodialship, and the like in general whereas Shinkai delves more into the emotional exploration and development instead (like grief, love, longing, etc). If someone is able to enjoy and identify with both, chances are good you can successfully introduce them to other anime as well. My go to Shinkai films for newbies are Children Who Chase Lost Voices and Your Name.
  14. I considered that actually when the Pluto flyby happened and we saw that Pluto had an atmosphere. That said, I think we should focus on getting established on Mars first before we dream too far ahead. Right now all eggs are in the Blue Planet's basket and a single planetwide extinction event will end us all. One colony at a time
  15. I think I heard the rest of the eight chapter series has been fully greenlighted by Netflix so I'm super excited for it to be coming out! Especially episode 45 and 46. I actually bought the series for that.
  16. Cybersix, a true classic. I was so glad for the rerelease. It was rather well written. The Dragon Prince really is very well animated (reminds me of anime) and has a great story too. I actually enjoy The Dragon Prince far more than Avatar.
  17. Haha, my grandfather had a similar story. Once we were out by the mill and the river place and since we were in the area were going to drop by great grandma's house. Grandpa was with us and while great grandma was getting ready for visitors (she was napping when we arrived) grandpa told us all about the first day they set foot in the house. It had just been built on the farm and his parents were going room to room to inspect but he stood there in the bathroom door for a good 15 minutes just thinking about how he was never again going to have to walk outside in the cold freezing air to use the outhouse in the middle of the night...how that seat was going to be the same temperature as the house...no swatting at mosquitos in the summer everytime you had the urge....how wonderful his life was going to be from there on out. Life changing I tell you. He became a plumber later in life. Took up the trade while courting my grandmother but it may have been destiny I actually come from a family of plumbers. I cannot imagine a happy world without indoor plumbing and I do not understand the allure of camping.
  18. For Mecha, I'd suggest Escaflowne (the series...the movie can be a bit confusing for a beginner), the Gundam series (I'd suggest starting with Gundam Wing. It's easy to enjoy and is easily found), and Knights of Sidonia. Action..... Attack on Titan (gorey, you are warned), Yu Yu Hakusho (a classic. Love me some Kurama and Kuwabara ^_^)...Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Not requested but I'm going to toss out there Log Horizon. It's a isekai (trapped in other world) and has a good bit of everything from drama and politics to fighting and strategy, a bit of romance... isekai is popular right now but has been around a long time.
  19. I'm old enough that I like to call my sister Old Lady Shaffer (I call myself old lady too and I'm two years her junior!). Started long ago....hard to remember the first. I had to get up on Saturday mornings at 6ish to watch it. We didn't have any good channels on my parents cable tv back then. My oldest anime I've collected is definitely Matsumoto works from the 70s. Real classics.
  20. I think we have a lot of lurkers these days and less people talking. You see a lot of logins of people dropping in to check posts, but never responding. A big part is time. People have less time and money due to governments shutting down the economy (both nationals and locals). You'd think that'd make more time, but without income you can't afford anime, anxiety and depression rates trend upwards, which compounds the lack of interest in activities that used to interest a person. It's a downward spiral. As soon as this nonsense is over I think we will slowly see an uptick in traffic and actual conversation on the forums again after economies bound back.
  21. I'd miss indoor plumbing. That's always ranked at the top of my list. Fun things though? Not sure. I'm kind of woods crafty, and my work life leaves no room for enjoyment in life anymore... probably scuba diving. I'm not much of a breathhold diver and it is one of the few things I still get to enjoy from time to time.
  22. I would suggest the Crest of the Stars series. Crest of the Stars has some battles but a large focus is the developing relationship between the two leads planetside. Banner of the Stars however is pretty much all battles. It is definitely a series worth looking into.
  23. @Ohiotaku I thought it was too! I guess kids are growing up faster than we did lol... I'll add in Moribito (a classic), Galaxy Railways (more action oriented, I initially excluded it because it does have death in it), Solty Rei (good scifi), and Escaflowne.
  24. Yes. There are 2 leads, the Cardcaptors, though it focuses primarily on Sakura.
  25. I think the one you are looking for is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Beautiful movie which a touch of tragedy in it. @Slade1991
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