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  1. Or like going...."Diagonally" What annoys me are bills. I pay them one month and yet they just reappear the next! Oof.
  2. Hmmm... mine haven't changed much over time, other than some additions. SCUBA diving Video Gaming Anime Watching TV Wine Tastings Boating Fishing Biking Sewing Pine Basket Weaving is something that I want to get into Writing Stories Reading
  3. Would never work around here. I can't imagine a self driving car being able to safely trailer a boat. I don't think self driving cars are the answer. People who learned to drive in NC typically are very safe drivers, yet all my Virginia friends act like getting their first ticket (among many) for reckless driving was a rite of passage. Education and attitudes about driving is what really changes things. Like most people down South don't want to drive through NJ, because of the NJ drivers.
  4. Beocat

    Preorder Fever!

    @Fireduck I totally get the new bookshelves. A few years back, I experimented with a super cheap bookshelf that had sliding glass doors for my anime collection. The construction was...of questionable stability (you get what you pay for) , but the fact that I've never had to dust my collection that was in those shelves since I got it is priceless. Then a few years ago, I went all in. Bought some high quality ones (like 800 dollars each) for downstairs (two of these taller cases with sliding glass doors replaced the 3.5 cheap bookshelves we had before and still have room for movie expansion and they take up much less room!), and another one for upstairs (to house my anime collection). The plan was to eventually buy a few more for the rest of my anime collection and possibly convert my gaming collection over to it, but I've had to save up my money for other things in recent years (home repairs and whatnot), so I didn't get much further than that. Still, it was totally worth it. Dusting DVDs and blurays takes forever and my collection looks sharp with these dvd/bluray libraries. I also used to collect the First 4 Figures statues. I have a couple of well sought after Zelda statues among some others but I too have pulled back from those. The last one I would have wanted would have been Midna's True form, but even if I had it, I have nowhere to put it beyond buying a Curio cabinet for displaying them all. I still preorder statues, but most of them are Batman statues for my husband, and random gaming statues for me. Since you have $1000 of anime to catch up on buying, I recommend checking out Sentai Filmwork's shop (they sale nonSentai DVDs too,). I think right now (or recently) they had a DVD sale where DVD collections were knocked down to $5 and $8 a go and usually around the 4th of July (runs early July through middle/end of July if I'm not mistaken) they have a massive sale, similar to their Black Friday sales where most everything is 50-85% off. If you have any titles that they carry on your "gotta track down" list, I highly recommend you wait for their upcoming sale and grab what you can. In years past, I've managed to take home 18-24 collections/movies/items for only around $120 by shopping the sales (blurays are going to be more expensive in the sales, so a friend of mine has done even better than me by getting mostly DVDs during these sales). Might get you to your collection goal a bit faster and with less money spent I know they ship in the US...not sure about other places.
  5. Yes, but I have to find it first. Anyone know if it is on hulu?
  6. @Serge heartless What does it matter if the game's controls have a steep learning curve or not, or whether it's hard to play or not? It's a game regardless, meant to entertain, inspire, and move people. How does this actually make them any less hardcore? The way you are looking at this, only FPS fans and Fighting Tournament fans can even be capable of being "hard-core" gamers. People play games differently, which is a good thing. How boring would things be if they were all like that? A big negative part of gamer culture is this obsession with "superiority" amongst players, always trying to rank one another and exclude others. The obsession with being "L33T" or whatever has done more to damage gamer culture than anything else over the years. We are just going to have to agree to disagree on what a hardcore vs casual gamer is.
  7. @Serge heartless I once made an old pirates of the Caribbean style sailing ship in Minecraft. Worked for weeks on the thing. Crowed about my accomplishment to my friends once I was done (did it in survival mode), complete with a working lighthouse in my port made from netherbrick and sandstone.... then looked up other people's ships online and felt very humbled (mine still looked good but theirs was so much more and then some!). Believe me, the thought, planning, effort, and hours that go into it is intense. I'll never look down on the Minecrafters out there. There are some talented folks out there.
  8. I simply don't agree with your definitions. To me, a casual gamer is a gamer who isn't invested in gaming. You know, the type who play games at a friend's house but would never consider buying a console or a game to play at home (usually the type that view and call gaming as a waste of time, hence a with-friends only activity). Hardcore gamers to me are seriously investing gaming or "their game" (be that minecraft with people who create replica of worlds or whatever). Sure I have over 500 games, and I've completed a lot of them, have a couple of platinum trophies to boot, but I don't think that less well versed gamers are not hardcore. Perhaps on a different branch of the gaming tree, but not casual. I probably was on the collectors branch a long time ago and now am on the weekend gamer branch due to lack of time. @Seshi PM me. Most of the games you named I loved too. We need to chat
  9. It's not exactly rare, but way things are classified in general lends this to being a hard question to grasp. Everything is for kids...until it is not. That is how most countries rating systems look at things and that is how people look at it. We exclude things from a children's show (gore, excessive violence, sexual themes for instance), which might make them adult only, but never do we exclude things from an adult show, because there is no need. Therefore saying something is not suited for adults but is for kids really doesn't make sense unless you have some particular qualifying reason and I for one cannot think of any.
  10. Beocat

    Preorder Fever!

    @Ohiotaku I completely understand. I used to preorder video games regularly and pick up on release day (The Tales of series, Rogue Galaxy, and more) especially for limited editions, but I have since pulled back from that. My anime preorders have always been targeting an anime, usually older in nature that either didn't have release I can track down from back in the day (Cybersix, Cardcaptor series, Reboot), or an anime I completely fell head over heels for (Tenchi series and Log Horizon for example). I suppose I can't write them off as easily as a video game. I still sometimes talk myself out of it. =/
  11. Well, today I upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 12GB and now Sims4 runs smoothly. Dropped back in on my Strangerville girl....she's errrr...still infected lol. Gets randomly possessed. It's funny and all but I wonder if I'll be able to become a hometown hero. Got to cure myself first I suppose lol....
  12. Beocat

    Preorder Fever!

    Who else has Preorder Fever? Anyone else anxiously anticipating the release of a longtime favorite anime? Which preorders do you already have set for delivery, or are you more of a 'wait till the sale' kind of person? Post below and let us know! I was waiting for Star Blazers on preorder back before it released but then talked myself out of it in favor of waiting for a complete collection release (not sure how much longer I can hold out on this one...might just buy it....it taunts me everytime I go shopping). That said, now I've got Cyborg009 on preorder (this is remastered, uncut, all the episodes in one collection...never been released in the States like this before. I know, because I have the two DVDs they did release) and am so excited to get to finally see it completely uncut. Definitely not backing out on this one! I'm also preordering Code:Realize Guardian of Rebirth for my collection. Just a few preorders so far this year.
  13. Donate enough stuff to the museum and it will happen... somehow I'm halfway through fall in my first year on the file and still not in yet =/ usually I've got it open by now...
  14. Played some Stardew today and now I'm halfway through fall about to harvest my first pumpkin crop. So unlikely to suceed at 1 million in my first year lol...
  15. Beocat

    Anime Chit Chat

    @Seshi pretty much what @Ohiotaku just said. It was good and bad. It went more into a "liberal" direction. Instead of being about a good plot where they were saving the world or something, it went waaaaay too political. It went down the road of victimized subdemographics (blood benders being ostracized from water benders for example and having to hide themselves and "reacting" to it by behaving bad because they felt unfairly treated) instead of celebrating and uplifting diversity. It ended up feeling like someone was pushing their politics onto you and the sudden 'hetero to homo' switch of the final couple made no sense for either character's history and again felt like forced politics. I did like seeing Ang's kids and grandkids but that was pretty much it.
  16. It's a French Animation, but Code Lyoko immediately comes to mind. The story seems bright, heroic, and fast paced on the surface but the things that happened to Aelita were actually quite dark, and throughout the series you even see her having nightmares of her past (likely PTSD from happened to her). Very dark but one of my favorite French series (I actually have quite a few French series that I like). I think I'll add some Mainframe titles to this list. Shadow Raiders (aka War Planets), is an old Mainframe series where the Fire Planet was destroyed to save the rest (and its people displaced) but it seems very kid friendly at first. Then you had Reboot which seemed really happy go lucky until Bob got ejected into the web and Enzo became Matrix. As far as Japanese animation goes...I kind of expect it to be a little dirty so none of the titles come to mind. Is that bad of me? Even UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie with the main guy having to kiss a little girl to turn her into a woman every episode was something that I kind of realize is going to happen with Japanese stories no matter what. The focus is oftentimes very sexual in anime which makes me think a lot of someones aren't getting enough at home..in my opinion anyways.
  17. @VampireKnight19 best advice I can give on fishing is not to press and hold the reel button. Tap it and vary your tapping speed as needed to keep the bar in the right range. If you have access to the sewers, go fishing there to practice on carp till you really get the hang of it (easier to level up in the sewers too which makes your bar bigger too). My big fail will always be The Prairie King Arcarde Game. Still haven't gotten past the second level. =/
  18. @EnviousEnvy did you try his room? 🙃 my backup locations are Sams house, the train tracks, and the pier for him.
  19. Hehe, many of us play this. I've got 4 saves....an Allessandra (married Sebastian), an Aurora (married Shane) and my latest named Thomas (currently unmarried-he's my attempt at 1 million in earnings in under 1 year on the farm (unless I really make the last two seasons work, I'm not going to make it...he'salso going to be my Joja Mart loyalist). Think I've made a Shady Acres among some other farm names. Not going to say my favorite farm. After Thomas I might start up a fisherman save and just go fishing every day with minimal farming just for my own kitchen recipes. Most of mine I'm pretty much farming, kegs, with a couple of barns. Or perhaps I'll make a Rancher and live the ranch life... so many different styles I have yet to try out.
  20. Beocat

    Gaming chat

    I honestly feel that E3 has gone down in quality as the years have gone by. Especially since they stopped allowing the general public to attend the event. There is less of a reason for the companies to really bring their a game to the show with out a fan base their to be excited about it. I was sad that Ubisoft was not bringing Beyond Good and Evil 2 to the show. The 1st game was one of my favorite games of the PS2 generation. I had it on the PS2, the xbox, the game cube, and Later bought a digital copy on the Xbox 360. And I actually played every single one of them. That is how much I love that game. I believe that they are doing the same as what Sony is doing. I also feel that by Sony not coming and doing their own show, they are playing it safe. When Microsoft went in and announced the xbox one, the requirement for the camera enraged gamers everywhere as well as some other issues with the console. I imagine Sony had a similar set up and change things around to come out on top by reacting to the Microsoft 1reveal. So part of me thinks they are playing it safe this time around as well. Anyways, when I found out that E3 was only going to have nintendo which I don't have anymore and xbox which I never got around to purchasing, my interest in the show was minimal.
  21. Welcome to the forums Satchel you've got quite the list there. Don't stop keeping up with that list. I find myself struggling for the names of anime I've watched but haven't bought sometimes. You'll appreciate writing them all down someday:)
  22. Welcome to the forums Noah I, like you, have quite the backlog of anime to watch.
  23. Welcome to the forums I hope you are having a good time here.
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