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  1. Oh GXP....that one I dislike as well. Oh the heights and potential it could have had.... it was a flop for me. Painful to even watch though partly my own fault for mentally hyping it up before even watching it. I purposely restrained myself with WoG and was thrilled with it that said. My best friend trashed it but I believe she had already written it off before watching it (she often does). Even if the spinoffs have not yet been your thing, I would urge you to watch War on Geminar but to keep your expectations grounded. Expect fanservice of course, but you'll probably be surprised by it (Kenshi even makes comments about how perverted some things are, almost a 5th wall moment). Generally Kenshi is just more likable than most Tenchi protagonists and his life with Tenchi and the harem before the events of WoG are referenced frequently. He would be the half Brother of Tenchi, from Rea and Noboyuki. I actually enjoyed the story and it got me back into looking forward to more Tenchi releases And FYE isn't exactly closed but a lot of the stores near me either closed or had a rebranding (and with it substantially shrank their anime supplies). ugh...let's not go on about Rightstuf. The problems I've had with them over the years is far too numerous to write down. Their customer service is lousy these days. What's worse is Sentai's store uses Rightstuf's warehouse as a distributor (no doubt they get a deal on Sentai titles for it) so every time I order from them I get worried. So far though so good on the Sentai orders. Still, I take every Rightstuf order with a grain of ghost pepper. I already know it's going to bite back.
  2. That's just it.... I'd say Wolf Children. Only anime that ever made me cry.
  3. Beocat

    Anime quiz

    Good quiz with recognition recall required. A bit challenging but enjoyable with a variety of titles.
  4. I use Crunchyroll, Netflix and dvd/Bluray (yeah, I'm old fashioned like that). I used to also use Hulu (but I don't stream enough to do two major streaming platforms anymore). I also have used Funimation in the past but I'm really into more Sentai works than Funi works. Usually I'm happy to wait for a bluray release to watch things.
  5. @Koshigaya23 Haha, you have pegged me true. I am definitely a Tenchi fan though my favorite "Tenchi" is Kenshi Masaki. There was so much wrong with that boy...and yet I really bellylaughed at some of his misadventures (and felt his romantic interest to be more defined and less noncommittal). I think they did the right amount of everything with him. He basically was all the girls from the Tenchi OVA mixed together with a splash of Tenchi to round him out. The multiple timelines/universes (not to mention the family relations...) have probably made it one of the most difficult series to explain to people. Surprisingly enough, although my sister was not really an anime fan (she really only loved Sailor Moon), she did love the Tenchi OVA (was an Ayeka supporter from the start) and it really bothered me that they never went back to finish properly the OVA back in the day (I'm not sure what they released later on is a proper telling....it was missing some things and felt really rushed. Did not match the care and quality of the original OVA storyline). To this day I am still aghast that they made Tenchi in Tokyo (the only Tenchi I never bothered to buy. I might someday get it via a used anime vendor if the price is right although I'll never watch it willingly). The Tenchi Quiz was me alright I should make another one. I actually gave that quiz to a friend of mine and she was surprised how much of Tenchi she had forgotten. I have to ask....do you cringe when you think of Daughter of Darkness? And $120 for the OVA boxset... I waited and waited for the pricedrop...then when I finally gave up on waiting they had run out of product. Apparently, they knew we'd all eventually give in lol.... I have not managed to watch the Mihoshi Special. It has been on my list for a while actually. I do remember however downloading an emulator so I could play the Tenchi game on my computer (modeled after the OVA). Even though it was all in Japanese I absolutely loved it! Wow, I'm really showing my Tenchi obsession now... The YuYu Hakusho VHS were the dubs and I think I had around 5 or 6 of them. I actually left them at my parents' home when I moved out since I never finished the series on VHS but I did actually get the entire series on DVD back in one of the RightStuf sales (likely a Christmas Sale),love me some Kurama and Kuwabara hehe). I also just went through my collection upstairs and I had forgotten that I had come across a VHS boxset of Utena VHS too. First season I believe (the Rose Bride arc?). I saw that one and remembered it being rare. Unfortunately, I have no way to watch my VHS anymore since our VHS player died. So...it will remain unwatched forever. FYE....I wish they were still around here. I got so many good anime at FYE, and the random deals you'd find. I remember finding Starship Operators in one and found Last Exile for 40 bucks (they had 4 of them, all 120 bucks except for the one lol). I too collect a lot of older series truth be told. Tenchi, Cardcaptors, Solty Rei, Trigun, Big O, most Space Operas lol...a lot of the older series had great storylines and less filler/fluff. These days there's too much distracting from the story (if there even is a story), not enough depth in the characters...I can't say that's true for all, but it is certainly true for harems these days and for most anime. v_v You'll have to share with me your purchase list....you share your collection with me, I'll share with you mine... From one Collector to another. I've got so much these days from all my years of collecting I have a list typed up by genre/alphabetical order so I can verify before I purchase if I already have it or not (this is important...I have bought the same anime twice before! It happens...). Still I like seeing what other people have. It reminds me of things I've missed and still need to track down.
  6. I actually got the entire Tenchi Universe and the three Tenchi movies on VHS. Still have them too. They are my treasures. I think I had part of YuYu Hakusho on VHS too and my sister got quite a bit of Sailor Moon (movies included). I have a lot of good memories watching them. My first DVD boxset was Escaflowne and I never went back to DVDs after that. I remember trying to get the Tenchi OVA series on DVD (then $120!) back then but it was on backorder.... never came in. Eventually when they rereleased it I got my chance to grab it and jumped at it.
  7. Been replaying Rogue Galaxy on my PS4. ~sighs~ I love this game. So beautiful. If only the random battles didn't drive me crazy This time I'm winning the insectron tournament that said. I have my game guide (it's gigantic) so I have no excuse. Already started trying to catch some. I just need a few more to fill out my team.
  8. Welcome to the forum. I never bothered with Naruto, but my best friend loves it. It definitely has its appeal to people. It is interesting though that you liked it only on your second round. Most people don't revisit anime they didn't like on a first attempt. What prompted you to revisit it?
  9. Log Horizon. I rewatch it every year. If I hadn't loaned it out to a friend this year I'd be rewatching it now while I'm on vacation.
  10. @RuthisianCodex it's quite simple really. It just takes a lot of preparation and a bit of time. Jams and preserves are the easiest. Pickles take some time but are worth it too. If I were you, I'd ask around for the recipe for those drunken peaches. Someone has to know it. That said, start with something easy to do and hard to mess up. Once you have a good solid understanding of the undertaking, then start on more complex recipes.
  11. My favorite con got canceled this year so no fun for me that said, I think people will return to how they were shortly after...within a year. Us pitiful humans with our short attention spans and even shorter memory.
  12. Yep, definitely Gall Force. good memory @Ohiotaku
  13. Welcome to the forums @OtakuKid The wide breadth of anime is definitely the best. I have discovered so many different anime just by impulse watching (Snow White with the Red Hair being one of them. Just surfing through and happened upon it). Hope you enjoy it here
  14. Welcome to the forums @Fraggiebaby. Seems you have the opposite problem as me. I'm essential (and just got a promotion) so basically I live at work now....what I wouldn't give for a long vacation. Planning a major surgery come winter though so I'll be out on leave for 2 months then so I suppose I'll be getting my own time off eventually. I really could live at home without issue for years....early retirement. All the sleep I could have....lol. Anyways, what video games are you interested in and currently playing? And what kinds of anime do you typically gravitate towards?
  15. @The Lurker Of Midnight The only one I can think of with a "cat" that turns into a girl is in the Tenchi Muyo multiverse. There's Ryo-Ohki who is a "cabbit" (cat/rabbit, eats carrots, looks adorable, also is a living spaceship) who can turn into something of a humanoid female. I haven't watched the latest, Ai Tenchi (on my list when I get time) which does take place in a school and is a collection of "shorts" but it's worth looking into in case any of the characters look familiar.
  16. @Illusion of Terra LMAO! I read this at work last night and nearly died laughing, then I told my tech about it (who has no idea what I'm talking about) and she just stared at me like I lost my mind hehe. It took a bit of explaining but everytime I grinned after that she could tell through my mask and would say "you're thinking about doing it again, aren't you?" Needless to say, when I popped the platinum tonight (did the whole DB questline is about 3-4 hours, took longer to get my wanted level up in all 9 holds than you'd think), I totally ended up doing that. Opened up my window, did a dragon shout, then closed it back up again and then called up my best friend and left a shout on her voicemail too! LOL Months went into getting this trophy and man did it feel good to pop that platinum. I'd definitely do the Thieves Guild questline all over again too...probably would just destroy the DB (like I wanted to this time but alas....you miss the trophy if you do that) next time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Thieves Guild. If only I could actually beat the Prairie King game in Stardew Valley I'd have a shot at getting that one (and as much as I love that game I'd love to have that trophy) but I am really bad at those types of games... >_> Only made it to the second level once. ~sigh~ At least Skyrim was doable This makes my third platinum and definitely the one I underestimated the most and worked the hardest for
  17. In the past few days I've been feeling a bit under the weather with my neck hurting, so gaming I have been doing instead of cleaning house. In Skyrim, I got the Galdur Amulet, rounded up the last few daedric artifacts I was missing, I mastered the werewolf perk tree, finished up the College of Winterhold quests, and as of today finished the Companions Questline too. I only have the Dark Brotherhood left and a few criminal actions to make and I'll have the platinum at long last. I think I'll actually get it this week (my light week for working). When I get it, I'm not sure how I'm going to celebrate....can't go to my favorite restaurant to treat myself... Maybe we'll go out on the boat fishing Well....after I clean it up from the winter crud. Definitely going to be calling up my best friend and gloating to her about this major accomplishment....many months in the making....missed my self-imposed deadline as having it done by my birthday....and accidentally lost my husband in Blackreach (which I feel bad about...he's not dead, but I imagine he's probably become a Falmer slave (or is likely unable to figure out how to get through the door back into regular Tamriel dwarven ruins lol) but I'm not going back down there after him)...anyways, it's been quite the journey! Every time I tell my friend about how much closer I am to the plat, she's laughs like I'll never get there....haha....well, almost there now.... ~rubs hands together in anticipation~
  18. @Illusion of Terra ~gasp~ how dare you make such flagrant accusations against my khajit brethren, no matter how true they may be! even as a khajit, I rarely steal unless a quest demands it with no alternatives. I love the night vision as a class perk and in my opinion it is the best of all the race perks, waterbreathing be damned. That's what we have alchemy for =p being a nord these past 4 months has been a real eye opener...like..."this is how the other half lives!? the horror....the horror....." life is hard without nightvision my friend. Really hard...lol
  19. I always played the first 2 levels of Life Force. Man I loved that game. Even thinking about it now gives me a bunch of warm fuzzies inside. I have never done the Dark Brotherhood either.... this marks this first time that I've ever completed the Theives Guild line and will complete the DB line. I'm just a nice person... robbing people and killing nonhostiles just....goes against what almost every RPG has conditioned me to do lol. I'm really exploring a new side here
  20. @IIVIsouljam like @Illusion of Terra said, check into some local electronic repair shops first. I saved my old NES from my childhood. Dug it out of the trash defiantly as a child and told my mom I was going to fix it someday (the screen was pixelated so you couldn't really see...I was playing games by memory till that power surge killed the power adapter part). Kept it pristine under my bed until college when I asked a friend who worked at a mom&pop repair shop if he could fix it. Told him the problem and a week later he had replaced both broken parts (and tried not to charge me for it. I made him take my money lol). I was so happy and he said he'd never seen one so clean lol. You can repair them! Or check your local retro gaming store for a replacement before Ebay even. They usually guarantee hardware so you'd be able to return it if it didn't work. I've been replacing my laptop but thankfully although the laptop doesn't turn on anymore (it tried rewriting the reboot sector a few times before it went completely kaput) my harddrive was still good. I've got it set up as an external drive so I managed to salvage my old game save files (and my writings, my pictures, my work stuff, my life essentially). I've been mainly on my ps4 trying to get through the dragonborn questline...which I always avoided before...part of my not wanting things to end fault. My goal is to platinum it...after this I think it's just finish the companions, winterhold, and Brotherhood lines then find the rest of the daedric artifacts that I've missed so far. Then I'll kill some guards in all the holds, escape from jail and possibly pop the platinum trophy at last. I really just want that trophy as proof of how much I love this game.
  21. I used to have this issue where I enjoyed the journey so much I'd never finish the game, even if that meant shelving the game. I'd get depressed right after completing a game. Then I examined why I was doing that and forced myself to go back and finish a ton. I still get depressed post-endgame but these days I don't let it stop me from finishing a game. It's still all about the journey for me but I make sure I close the book these days too before I open a new one. I'm essentially the gamer type they sing about in The World is Saved.
  22. Never watched it but it sounds like Negima.
  23. I loved Snow White too! If I end up quarantined I'm going to have to put it on the list. Favorites are hard....I can do favorite by genre...but favorite overall? Too many to choose >_> Favorite Romance, definitely Snow White with the Red Hair. Favorite Reverse Harem? Hmmm.... Hmmmm….. Hmmmmm…….. Probably again, Snow White with the Red Hair! LOL.... okay. Seeing a trend here. Favorite Tenchi? Definitely Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar…. Favorite Mecha? Well, I do have a fondness of Zoids.... Favorite Isekai is hands down Log Horizon (YAY FOR SEASON 3!!!!! =D ). I don't think I could pick a favorite Space Opera...I love them all so much! =D I could keep going, but I shan't.
  24. Yeah, I've heard of locust swarms 20 years ago but none recent. The grasshoppers will eat everything in their path for sure. As efaardvark said, ducks'll eat 'em but you need a lot of ducks too lol... Always purchase the crop insurance. The year you don't, locusts or flood will get your crop. Never fails.
  25. With all the closings and "social distancing" going on, anyone got any Quarantine plans anime-wise? They are even tslking about canceling my favorite anime con if things get any worse... Most everyone seems to be getting paid leave except me so I'll just dream of what I'd do (especially my sisters...both school teachers with classes canceled). I think I'd probably binge on some Space Brothers and possibly finally watch MY Love Story (still haven't gotten around to it). Maybe clean my office too and update my anime inventory list. I'd love to rewatch Snow White with the Red Hair too.

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