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    red dead redemption
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  1. Currently watching some seasonals like kanojo mo kanojo the detective is already dead And a non seasonal Called yuru camp
  2. if you keep up with the manga i want to know what are your thoughts on the latest chapter as of rn being 174 but ill update this if i can whenever a new chapter is released which is almost every tuesday...
  3. cant believe its actually coming to a end this was probably the 3rd or 4th anime ive watched which i started watching anime in june anyway i cant believe its actually ending man..
  4. Brandonn


    Hello! im so glad your here im hoping this club can stay active and be a nice and safe community.
  5. currently watching high school dxd this anime is interesting 😭

    1. XII360


      as someone who watched highschool dxd

      it is, as a matter of fact

      "interesting" indeed


      step on me akeno-senpai

    2. Brandonn


      fax 😭 im on season 3 rn super interesting.

  6. long time coming - Juice WRLD hits hard easily one of my favorites ever ive also been listening to kanye a lot here lately.
  7. chilly and sunny like it always is during a north carolina winter.
  8. probably music, I listen to music mainly almost all day because it helps me think and stuff so ill prob miss that the most
  9. Since I started watching anime I've stayed in the romance genre of anime and I'm trying to expand into other genres of anime more importantly mecha or action anime.. please if you guys could drop some good ones down below and I will be sure to check them out!
  10. i like it it im new to anime but i hear it is heavily based on the manga series? anyway its the second anime i have watched and i think it is really good!
  11. well personally i started off with darling in the franxx and kinda sorta stayed in the romance genre.. I guess it all depends on your personal preference of what you wanna watch are you a romantic? or do you like horror or drama or etc..
  12. i am currently playing, Rdr 2 story mode for like the 5th time because im bored and i got nothing to do. i play online sometimes too but not much ive also been grinding on bo4 and mw before cold war comes out and i have to start all ove again!
  13. i think ima like this website.

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