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  1. Things you hate but have to do

    I agree and it only gets worse the older you get, and the bills they just keep coming. Honestly I hate doing anything that doesn't involve a lot of hedonistic behaviors or self indulging by binge watching my favorite anime titles. That and dealing with noise A-holes that blare their music 24/7 like now...as I type this some person of undesirable traits is just sitting in their car smoking a spliff, listening to rap music full blast and trying to look relevant when their really not...sigh. I just eat them before they eat me. Problem solved. I'm the same as well except for Anime conventions, Comic-con, Nakacon, etc....etch.
  2. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    Not trying to intentionally but I'll "One up You" on this: Worked for a guy (My boss) who happened to catch a break conversation I was having with a coworker. Think we were discussing "Mortal Kombat" but don't quote me on that since I already did......but she happened to be a woman (and yeah that's kind of dating us both). Ironically his opinion on the whole conversation, and mind you it was a A-B conversation, was that video games were the (And yes this is a literal quote) "Devils work and did nothing but rot your brains and stain your soul." Soon after both of us were terminated on the grounds of "Low Sales Quotas" (Again a direct quote), but we both knew it was because from the point he heard our conversation about video games and his view on them. Anyway, to round this out, most of the people I knew that were into video games were female. I'd almost say more than 60% were, so bad stereotyping people, don't do it!...sigh. I think you're right that the stigma is firmly resident in people's minds and that they refuse to challenge that. For me anime is another form of art. I love the works of the great masters and appreciate what their visions were, and at the same time feel the same way about anime. If more people would openly see it as a form of artwork and expression I think that it would force a change making it recognized as such.
  3. What Are You Watching Today?

    That's on my watch list to start at somepoint, that and Fate/Grand Order: First Order, but might wait for the UK DVD release on that one! Just finished it, dodgy start but the ending was epic (or at least I thought so). This one I would recommend you to watch ASAP.
  4. any good anime with good romance?

    Forgot about that one, smashing success and great story! Highly recommend though it is sad...
  5. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    Whadda nasty individual! Serious! On the note of hentai, can't get into it but I can see how some people associate anime with hentai not knowing the difference. Of course normal anime titles that push that boundary when seen just embeds it firmly into their mind. Anyway, back onto hentai, I (and not judging here) just can't watch it because one though keeps creeping through my head, some dude drew these characters getting their stank on. Total mood killer. But I did date a woman once that enjoyed it. Again though, watching it with her didn't get my gears twisting like it did her. Again...dude...drawing...
  6. What Are You Watching Today?

    Today its "Fate Apocrypha" that I'm watching. Slow starter, not a big fan of some of the character designs, or characters for that matter but still watching. Will see what I think when I get to Ep. 25
  7. Try "All Out" really got me into the sports genre. As for the title that changed my opinion of the genre was "Clannad" (Yeah I know) about the romance genre. I'm still not huge into it, and the romance in the story has to be natural and not forced, but I tend to cue up more of them than I did before I watched "Clannad".
  8. How has Anime Changed?

    On that note, and slightly off topic but hey...ADD...my personal belief was that Jar-Jar was actually a sith. Couldn't agree with that more. I enjoy a story that the writer/author has control over much better than one that has been chopped, edited or changed by everyone who didn't write the story. Then there are trends which will come and go and influence media as they do.
  9. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    Honestly I think its an industry image thing...I get the same reaction or the other famous one "You like cartoon bruh?". Sigh. Then I use a friendship breaking face punch to illustrate how anime shows are not cartoons.
  10. Needing fresh material

    Moribito is a good one with a strong female lead.
  11. Happy Valentines Day

    Just wanted to wish all my Otaku and Non-Otaku friends Here on AF a Happy Valentines Day! (Remember when you were in Elementary School and you got and gave those cheesy Valentine's, consider this my cheesy digital Valentine to you!) PS: It's a bit early but considering I mostly forget holiday's all the time, this one is right on schedule. Cheers! -Kuro
  12. How has Anime Changed?

    Personally I feel that anime has slightly degraded over the years, where many studios are opting for cheap thrills to sell titles versus meaningful storylines. They've seem to take a cookie cutter approach to production values using garbage source material which was clearly produced in order to boost sales. This results in quick profits but no long term viability and can actually cause some people to migrate away from anime thus reducing sales substantially. I'm not saying all studios are like this, nor are all titles relative junk, but the majority are. When one has to look at a hundred turds to find the gem, eventually they'll stop looking.
  13. Can you figure it out?c For the prize?

    SHITE! I Tried but hey, I suck at math anyway.
  14. Explicit Anime

    Valkyrie Drive Sister New Devil Aki-Sora (Sex but no penetration shown in this title)
  15. Rate the Anime above you!

    8/10 Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
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