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  1. Oakmi

    If You Could Life In An Anime...

    I was thinking the same thing only Overlord style. ๐Ÿฐ Again, me too only as the "Best Jeanist" because you know, denim up to your eyes is just totally awesome! ๐Ÿ‘– ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Oakmi

    Songs that Remind You of an Anime

    Sound like you work as an oarsman on the Queen's ship and she wants to go water skiing all the time. ๐Ÿคก I'm only lucky for a couple of hours, as they say...while the boss is away the peons will play. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Oakmi

    Songs that Remind You of an Anime

    Can't really say that I've come across any particular song, though I did download an app for the phone that allows me to tune into Japanese radio stations, and every once in a while I kick that badboy on and suddenly get a hankering for a dose of anime. Sometimes while at work and I'm listening and that happens, I cue up a show and secretly watch it on the sly without the boss knowing...๐Ÿคฃ
  4. Oakmi

    Age limits for animation

    Can't really anything more to what everyone else has already said, all I can say it's up to you. If you enjoy it, watch it and keep watching it. Don't let stigmata or peer pressure dissuade you from doing something you enjoy. I've been enjoying it for about thirty years now and can honestly see myself in depends catching up on the latest and greatest. Probably will have at least something in common with the grandchildren. ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ PS: Leave for a bit of hiatus and come bad to emoji heaven! Thanks! ๐Ÿคช
  5. Oakmi

    Fixing Naruto Series

    Thanks for the videos and agree with a lot of the changes you suggested. I was a huge Naruto nerd at the beginning, and was especially excited about Shippuden. However, it quickly became overbearing and seemingly lost its direction due to being too damn long. The ending of Shippuden pissed me off but honestly, I lost my interest in the show due to the amount of fillers, the loss of direction, the OP nature of the characters, or as you stated, underdevelopment of some long before the ending. I think he had a particular story goal when he started the story, but when it became so successful he lost sight of it and went for the milk and pulled the cows teat too much. Feels like he kind of sold his soul and sacrificed his vision to please the masses and appease the god of greed.
  6. Oakmi

    Netflix Anime Wave

    I rather enjoyed the first season of Knights of Sidonia but S2 was rather pathetic as clearly the script writers were changed and the initial vision for the direction of the story changed as well. As for Violet Evergarden, it was plain and dull and brought nothing new to the genre. Honestly, I would rather Netflix produce actual original anime without source material than just buy up stories and farm them out to production companies to produce. We see that enough in Japanese produced animes which leads to a piss poor selection of genres to watch, and a extreme re-telling of the same material throughout the different titles. Since Netflix prides itself on producing original series, I hope they apply that large budget to the anime the produce and distribute as well. Sure it's a gamble, but can also pay dividends with a large scale box office buster that becomes a cash cow for them and spurs more original content creators to push their ideas to the market rather than relying on the been there done that mentality, thus giving us a wider variety and selection of titles. And even if they fail they can use it as a learning experience and just make Netflix even better with anime production/distribution/licensing.
  7. Oakmi


    Hope you can reach 20K signatures my friend.
  8. Oakmi

    Tokyo ESP

    Hey all Kuro here, and just wanted to talk a bit about Tokyo ESP since I just finished watching the series. So a buddy of mine tells me "Dude, got to watch this is really good, I mean super good anime!". He wouldn't stop talking about it so I finally caved and watched it. The following is an account of my reaction, though I would also love to hear from anyone else who happened to see it. Mind you, I may spill a spoiler so beware, and this might actually count as a tiny review but overall it should be about a 1000 word dissertation...kidding... Released summer of 2014 it really isn't new on the circuit but I suppose to me it was since I'm a dubber and not a purist when it comes to my shows. I will say that really it left much to be desired and partially that was not so much of the concept not really being anything new, but the whole story was written in a way that seemed really, well lacking I guess for the need of a better word. The main character was hard to take seriously because of the way she was introduced to us in episode one (Wanted to drop a spoiler here and almost did so I'll just hint, had to due with her state, her pose, and her genitalia). The other main lead was really kind of weak and had no presence so neither one made any connection with me. Really the only character that I did make a connection with was Minami, which you know that she must have been written good since I remember her name but not the two leads....ahem, keeping this short the other thing that was really bad in my opinion was the art and animation. Xebec was the studio who made it and let me tell you, the must have brought out the "D" team for this. Holy crow man, the art was really inconsistent through the entire run as though five different artist all drew different aspects of the characters then on the next scene, changed the lineup and five new people jumped in. Really, it was noticeable that much. Anyway, it wasn't all bad and I don't want people to sit there and say "Kuro, it couldn't have been that bad right?". Well in actuality it wasn't, just the small details in the art, direction, production, cinematography, that were errant just kept adding up, coupled with the poor writing made the whole watch a very "Meh" moment. However, the ending, and I mean the five minutes prior to the ending in episode 12, was awesome, and actually made me want to watch more. Then they ruined it by making the ending cheesy and crappy. Overall, I felt it wasn't what my buddy hyped it to be, and yeah I'm quite the finder of errors but can overlook them if the story is good, couldn't quite do that this time. There were too many story breaking moments throughout the short run, and the cliff hanger ending, well...really wasn't all that cliff hanging... So let me know what you all thought. Agree, disagree, or want to tell me to take a long walk off a short pier...go right ahead. If there's a S2 I can only hope they get their crap together for it and bring us a whopper of a production, but...well honestly, doubt this one made a big enough splash for that, but then...I've been wrong before... Thanks for reading and cheers!
  9. Oakmi

    New here, nice to meet you all (:

    I wanted to watch that one but with you saying its more about the "Love Triangle" I may end up striking it off my watch list. Kind of reached maximum saturation with those types of anime really. Anyway, welcome Leo and JP321.
  10. Oakmi

    Netflix Anime Wave

    Honestly I think that if they would focus their efforts on distribution, licensing and dubbing they'd probably end up better off and have a better reception to their anime selections. That might open up the variety a bit in what the U.S. market gets rather than what the market trends happen to indicate at that time. Which leaves some of us that are more trend setters than followers to have a better selection.
  11. Oakmi

    Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Souma)

    My thoughts exactly.
  12. Oakmi

    Netflix Anime Wave

    Honestly I had super high hopes that with Netflix getting deeper into anime that we'd start seeing a return to the golden day's of anime. However, so far I'm not entirely too impressed with what they've done. Don't get me wrong, have done some good things, but for now I'm a reserved 4 out of 10 reserving the right to adjust the score once they have a few more years under them.
  13. Generally, I watch 1-2 hours a day roughly 7 day's a week at no more than 25 hrs per week. That is as long as there is something to watch or re-watch.
  14. Hey all, Kuro here and I just finished watching the above mentioned title yesterday and am curious to know what anyone else who watched it thought of it. Right now its a 12-episode season with the 2nd season to air sometime this year (2018). Oni, a buddy of mine and co-worker had watched it and touted to me that it was the best thing ever to hit the market. So sitting down with extremely high expectations I watched it and felt that it was completely oversold. So okay, breaking down the whole I found that the entire 12 episode run had some severe pacing issues. At first it was manic and seemed like someone told the production crew that they only had enough money to make 6-episodes, and they were trying to cut corners by utilizing an information dump on us concerning the MC. Then all of a sudden they got told that it was cool, there was enough money for 12-episodes and they slowed the story progression down to a crawl. I also noticed that the entirety suffered from some form of ADD wherein the focus was constantly lost on the MC and diverted to the new and shiny all the time. Of course as for the MC, plain, dull and lifeless. However, the supporting character that spend the last six episodes with him was awesome. Well developed and tons of growth. Honest...should have made him the MC and left the other one out. Just my feelings. What was done right IMHO was the art and animation. Enjoyed the style with the sharp colors and tight lines. A very nice clean and satisfying experience visually. Outside of that though, everything else was completely unmemorable and I am very upset with Oni at this moment for allowing me to waste my time on this. Well, who am I kidding, I don't feel that anime is a waste of time as long as there was a hint of enjoyment out of it, and this one did provide that with the artwork. Anyway, let me know what you think if you've watched it, if not, take a peep at it and chime in. I'm interested in hearing if everyone see's it the way I did, or if I missed something and they saw a better series than I did. Cheers, -Kuro
  15. Oakmi

    Tokyo Ghoul:re - Episode Discussion

    Haven't watched S3 it yet, but super hyped. I'm a fan of the first 2 seasons and was happy when the announced the third season, which I feel took them long enough to do. However when I get done re-watching the first two seasons again and watch S3, I'll hit this thread and let you know for sure but I'm going to go ahead and preempt that by making a prediction now: IT WAS AWESOME! -Kuro
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