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  1. Just curious to see others answers to this. As fans most know alot of people outside the fandom and even more fickle previous fans that lost interest like to put off the image and stigma that anime is only for kids at most teens etc. I have been a huge anime fan literally since I was a little kid like 5 and quite the opposite of how it usually goes with anime fans either growing out of it or being forced out thinking it's for kids as they get older i've actually got more into the genre the older I have gotten. As I said I have been a fan since I was a little kid but it was always mainly the straight mainstream anime and basically what was played on toonami. once I got to about 14-15 or so I started getting into more less mainstream anime and when I saw that there were so many different ones and ones that fit me more with more serious/darker plots and tones and different art styles and how many there where I got way more into the fandom and by about 17 I guess you could say I was at that point you would start saying i'm a otaku/weeb and all that haha. I'm a bit different from most I see online in the sense that i'm from a small town with no other anime fans or anyone that really even knows of or heard of it. So though very very obsessed and hardcore into the fandoms spending hours and hours on it etc my fandom outside of sometimes mentioning things about it to close friends just because my fandoms primarily based online. That being said outside of online I have lived a normal kid/teen all that jazz life haha would loved to have had rl people into anime just weren't any. Back to the point tho as I got older it became apparent even just being an online based fan as far as interaction about it etc that the 17-18 mark seems to be where you start to get considered a bit old for the fandom though with me as I said im getting more and more into it as I get older and though i've wanted to do this anyway for awhile have thought about starting to go to cons and stuff etc. It seems like at about 22 tho you start REALLY getting into that older edge of the fandom [I know there are many much older fans etc i've seen posts but your getting in the older edge of things to where some thinks it's odd at this point especially if your in the prime of your fandom and not just still kinda into it your full on into it.] So recently I turned 23 and the last year or two tho before at about 18 as I said you start seeing it at about 22 you start really feeling like your on that older edge of the fandom/crowd. However i've recently seen more and more fans in this age range seem to be doing stuff and still going to cons [maybe my age group said screw it were gonna keep at it] haha I was curious to know from other fans especially ones with more rl experience in the fandom being mines basically all online when you started feeling "old" for the fandom. I'm 23 and still at the height of my love for the fandom and am most likely going to start attending alot of cons etc ive started a new anime youtube channel and am also starting a twitch for gaming streaming. It just feels like to me this age range from like 21-27 or so would be the prime time for fans of the genre etc because you finally start to have the freedom,money time etc to actually do more with it and go to more cons etc but it seems everyone feels like it should mainly be ruled by 13-16 year olds and it is odd to be heavily into it after that. Appreciate all feedback and opinions both on when you started feeling this how you currently go about things at this age and for younger fans how you look at older fans in the genre.
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