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  1. Saw you visiting on my profile. Still hiding in the nutella fort? XD 

  2. Hey, you. Where have you been?

  3. Clannad, because it hits all of my soft spots. ^^'' Probably best tear-jerker I've ever watched.
  4. I believe that that's fan art for anime called shinigami no testament
  5. Yay, I'm 22! :O I can already feel the changes coming... *-*

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    2. Belgrade_assassin


      Hmmm, I didn't really care about turning 20 tbh.

    3. Belgrade_assassin


      Hahahaha, it happens @[1735:SoullessMarshmallow] :D

  6. I've actually posted a dare long time ago and no one has replied since, you could check it out @Wodahs It's actually a dare game, since truth one is hard to pull of properly online.
  7. Well whaddya know, hello there fellow @filip I have no clue who you are though, but welcome back to AF!
  8. I've been waiting for someone to revive T or D thread for a while now.
  9. So are we talking about this forum or public interest in general? I believe that manga already gets enough recognition outside of AF so I don't really see any problem there. Comparison to books was a appropriate one and same could be said for pretty much any type of media. I don't think that books or manga are good or bad for anyone, you can't just sit through and read a book in order to understand it and gain something from it and same goes for manga. Personally, I lean towards source material since I like authentic stories but that's just my personal preference. That isn't always the case
  10. Do you guys have like favorite YouTubers you like to watch? (anime or non-anime)

    1. Histoire


      Hmm... Most of the things I watch in Youtube are all about games. There are three Youtubers that I always watch tho. - Lost Pause (I love his gameplay videos. It makes finding games much easier) - Kubz Scouts (Same as above, but with a much better sense of humor imo) - Nightblue3 (A League of Legends player who is an anime lover)

    2. Belgrade_assassin


      Oh I like Pewds as well, he gets a lot of hate because he's number one but he has been constantly evolving and IMO he really earned his 50kk subs.

  11. ^ Well technically only Davis and I did. @Davis, I get what you're trying to say although I guess that the novelty of it didn't last as long with me.
  12. That's the difference, I'd like to travel with some sort of purpose (like a job) and yet not be a suit, so being a mushishi would do. They're quite independent and they have something to offer to people in exchange for hospitality.
  13. Actually if you were a harem anime protagonist (living in Clannad let's say) it'd mean that all the girls from that universe would suddenly become attracted to you.. That's of course if you were a protagonist, not a Sunohara... I'd like to live in Mushishi universe and become a mushishi myself. I guess that'd still be very similar to ''real world'' (except for the mushi part). It'd enable me to travel thorough the lands without looking like a homeless person or a hippie.
  14. I don't know what's so special about it to be honest. It starts like something new and fresh but it quickly became stale to me. I liked the whole idea of Saitama having this unusual struggle of trying to find an actual rival but after a while you realize that he's simply wasting his time and in a way you're wasting yours for watching him waste his (if that makes any sense).
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