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  1. Gotama

    What's your anime confession?

    Well of course you don't, it's amazing. *-* @t: I've never got excited for the Attack on Titan trailers and I never understood the hype surrounding the show.
  2. Gotama

    What's your anime confession?

    I love School Days.
  3. Gotama

    Rate the Anime above you!

    Bleach is like one of my least favorite anime. First 50 or-so episodes are pretty great but then it all goes downhill with endless fillers and power levels don't matter type of stuff. 5/10, and that's only because of first part. Kokoro connect?
  4. Gotama

    Places you want to visit

    Japan - For obvious reasons. I'd actually like to travel on foot and experience the whole country, but oh well. Ecuador - I've heard lots of positive things about the place, and they're champions of freedom (mainly regarding deportation) so I might never have to leave once I get there. Cuba - Because of this. I want to experience something different to European ''cold and calculated'' mentality. Italy - I've only been there for a day but it's such a beautiful place with a rich cultural heritage with entire cities resembling museums.
  5. Gotama

    How many animes have you watched already?

    Somewhere around 100.
  6. Gotama

    The last movie you just recently watched

    I've recently finished a Miyazaki movie marathon and so the last movie I've seen is When Marnie Was There. Some shut-outs for these: The Secret World of Arrietty Tales from Earthsea The Cat Returns My Neighbors the Yamadas Grave of the Fireflies
  7. I've dropped out of Uni. At first I've wanted to become a chef but didn't work out, then I've started learning for a teacher but I've never finished that and currently I'm learning to code. I've learned bachata, dance to the popular music genre. I'm really interested in the eastern thought. I've read about Confucianism and Taoism and I'm planning to step into Buddhism sometime soon. I've already been an active member of this forum before.
  8. *throws random potatoes at you*

    1. RyePotatoes


      *catches the potatoes and put them on a canon* Get ready ! :P

    2. Gotama


      *gets ready*

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