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  1. From all the anime I've watched It would have to be Misa from Death Note.
  2. So recently I watched erased and I really liked It so some one plz reccomend me something similar.
  3. Just finished re watching one punch man It's awesome as always :3
  4. Optic I need you to delete my thread https://animeforums.net/community/threads/whos-your-waifu-husbando.3572/#post-30475

    1. Frost


      Took care of that for you, friend. Have a good day!

    2. Saburo_Chīsai
  5. Btooom NEEDS a second season badly It ended so abruptly.
  6. Personally I'd switch to subbed but you do what you wan't
  7. Now seeing that there a thing I think I'm going to buy one
  8. First Anime I've ever watched was Ponyo I saw it when I was six I recently watched It again by far one of my favorite Animovie
  9. Personally I recommend Golden Time
  10. Both I have my laptop blutooth connected to my laptop so yeh :3
  11. I have one there pretty cool. btw its shiro from No Game No Life :3
  12. I confess that I have a waifu pillow :3
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