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  1. Right now I am watching the Modoka Magica movies instead of the show and I am loving it! Just so you know, I'd take the deal reight away... Having magic for a while, even if the entity giving it to you is evil and you'll turn into a witch, is worth it!!!! I would SO want to be a Magical Girl!!!!
  2. I enjoyed the vagueness of ERASED's ending, and though not everything was explained, the deeper meaning of the show left the viewer with satisfaction at what they had seen (Kayo's so cuuuutee!). I loved ERASED and would personally rank it somewhere in my top three shows.
  3. I currently am reading FMA and Lucky Star: a la carte. FMA:B was a great anime and I am happy to finally be exploring the manga. It is very different and has a more serious aesthetic compared to Black Butler and Once Punch Man, but that's probably because it's older. The a la carte series so far is great and I wish it would be made into an anime. 75% of my drawings are Kona-chan, my waifu and the main character of what is somewhere in the top three slots of my anime list (FMA, Lucky Star, ERASED in no order). I love how these new comics highlight the relationship between Kona-chan
  4. What part of DDLC made you cry, or at least what did you find the most devastating? At first I thought that Sayori's suicide was the most depressing, but when I heard Monika's song at the end for the first time, I couldn't help but cry at how touching it was. I love this game...
  5. Hey, so I guess I'm just going to do all thirty of these at once because I'm bad with consistency and if I commit to something I often will not do it every day like I had planned. Please feel free to post your own thoughts below after reading my thoughts on the girls and the game. Let's begin. 1. My favorite character is Yuri because her hair is how I'd like it, our personalities are similar in many ways, and other reasons, I'm sure. 2. My least favorite character is Natsuki, even though she is growing on me. She just isn't that interesting, as I'm not a huge tsundere fan.
  6. Yeah. The ROMS don't work with their respective emulators... I'll just have to order a Japanese PS2.
  7. Wait I changed my mind! There is only one correct answer... Just one... Just MONIKA! Hehe... ?
  8. Yep! Plus, the only reason Yuri is so Yandere is because of Monika trying to change her by editing her gamefile. :3
  9. Most people quickly call Yuri the most Yandere character in Doki Doki, but Monika is even more Yandere. She might not weild a knife sharp enough to effortlessly cut through flesh, but she does 'delete' all of your friends so that you love her alone. Who is the most deadly here? I mean, Yuri is yandere, but she wouldn't kill her friends... Right?
  10. I have that game! My younger brother plays it all the time. My first game was Lego Star Wars on the Xbox when I was two or three years old... I had played tbe original Spyro when I was one, but I obviously don't remember it that well. For Lego it's 9/10, but overall it's about a 6.5/10 and I probably wouldn't play it again without a partner.
  11. Hello fellow Otaku! Today I am excited because I have found an old PSP ROM online and a PSP emulator to play this game! I know it's ~technically~ illegal, but I'd rather not but a working PS2 and a $60 game that I can't entirely read (I need to learn more than Hiragana) when I could play it and record it now. I will probably but the actual game for my collection someday anyway, so I don't mind as much. That being said, I am going to start playing it after this post! Make sure to PM me if you want a review from a fellow forum-er! :3
  12. Asuna is the cutest, if you accept video game anime characters lol. :3
  13. My kawaii little moe Kona-chan... ~Doki Doki~ The one with blue hair. She is so cute!
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