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  1. What Part Made You Cry?

    What part of DDLC made you cry, or at least what did you find the most devastating? At first I thought that Sayori's suicide was the most depressing, but when I heard Monika's song at the end for the first time, I couldn't help but cry at how touching it was. I love this game...
  2. Hey, so I guess I'm just going to do all thirty of these at once because I'm bad with consistency and if I commit to something I often will not do it every day like I had planned. Please feel free to post your own thoughts below after reading my thoughts on the girls and the game. Let's begin. 1. My favorite character is Yuri because her hair is how I'd like it, our personalities are similar in many ways, and other reasons, I'm sure. 2. My least favorite character is Natsuki, even though she is growing on me. She just isn't that interesting, as I'm not a huge tsundere fan. 3. I don't know the names, but probably the song that plays when you're at your house with Yuri. It has a nice, peaceful sound. 4. This is hard... Maybe the poem creation screen? I like them all, I can not decide. 5. Probably Monika, as she is the one who could delete me instantly. 6. Yuri. Konata Izumi and Yuri are like the two halves of my personality, and Yuri is my introspective bookworm-ish side. I have OCD and I get obsessive over small things like she gets obsessive over you and knives. I too like knives. The difference is that I am not as into self-injury and knives as she is... But she would make an amazing partner... Why would I think that when she would kill all of my friends 7. Probably Sayori, as I have shorter hair. 8. Yes! I named myself Harris, what I am called in real life. 9. About a 3 for me, who is unphased by death and gore. Wait... Sayori's suicide was so sad because I loved her personality so much I flinch at the words 'die' or 'suicide' when spoken... Okay, maybe a 6 or 7, actually... 10. Sayori! She was so sweet... I knew it was coming, but when I replay it I avert my eyes and if I accidentally watch I get cold... I swear I am not weak when it comes to death, I just got really attached to her early on. In real life I would take the Sayori route because she was my childhood friend and I am highly empathetic. 11. I just said them... Amazing personality, so sad what happened to her, funny yet interesting poetry. 12. Cute, aggressive, I'm sorry for her father abusing her. 13. Yuri is the best. While most people were horrified at her death (don't judge me), I found it pretty cool and even attractive... She is by far the coolest character and a great waifu. Having someone obsessed with self-harm might be dangerous, but her amazing imagery is astounding. It took me a while to fully understand the imagery in her 'raccoon' poem... She knows that if she cuts herself it will become a habit, but she does anyway... 14. She is cute and energetic, and her (in my mind) sounds study, attractive, and mature. A great friend and possibly waifu for people who don't mind staring into her eyes in a clubroom floating through space eternally... If you're into that kind of thing... 15. Sayori's 'Get out of my head' poem, because I thought at first that she was telling Monika to stop manipulating and changing her, and she was aware that Monika was controlling her gamefile. When I later discovered that it was referring to the player, I still thought (and think today) that it at least somewhat referred to Monika's control, making her a determined and interesting character. I also thought that screaming, "Get out of my head," was what drove her into a panic attack and made her commit suicide, at least partially, as well as the player. 16. Yes! I write quite frequently, and my style is somewhat in between Yuri's and Sayori's: it uses imagery and complex concepts, but in a short and somewhat humorous way. 17. I totally would! I would read it with Yuri in the club room, but finish it without her. I read faster and am less distracted when I am alone. 18. I read books everyday and own more books than the reader has probably owned shirts and pants combined. 19. No, but I would if we had one... And I wasn't already in all the clubs I can be in High School... 20. Yuri. Most people think I look like a boy, so it would be a little awkward, but it would be awesome. 21. Probably... Um... Well, the smart choice would be Yuri, but I feel like I understand her, so she would be okay. Maybe Monika? She has a chilling and all-knowing vibe... 22. None, really. Wait, maybe Natsuki gender-swapped would be cute! He would be the cutest and no one could have him but me... Wait... How can I think that if I don't like her very much as a girl? I guess I think differently of people based on their gender? That's unusual. Maybe I'm just thinking of the shorter hair and masculine personality. 23. Uh... Yuri? I call my black-with-white-stomach-fur cat Yuri (as well as many other nicknames) so her. 24. In real life, Sayori, because it's fair... But Yuri... It would be very hard to decide. Knowing it was all a game, Yuri. 25. Yuri, because of the imagery and expressive words. 26. They are a great game developer/dev team and they should make more games! 27. No, but I would RP Yuri or Monika. 28. This is a though one... Not romantically towards a person, but for a friend and their personality, yes. Has someone experienced unrequited love for me? I think so, but it wasn't Yandere, thankfully... I feel bad for them... 29. It was great! That's really all... 30. This is a though question to answer because there is not one thing that made me like it. The anime style, the girls, Yuri, the yandere, Monika, the horror, the Game Theory episodes, and the cute color palette. Thank you all for reading this list. I hope you'll all add your own answers in replies and have fun with the 6-7 hours of nighttime left to enjoy (lol)! Have a great day/evening!
  3. This exists? :-: Lucky Star ~Ryouou Gakuen Outousai~

    Yeah. The ROMS don't work with their respective emulators... I'll just have to order a Japanese PS2.
  4. Sexiest male and female video-game characters of all time?

    Wait I changed my mind! There is only one correct answer... Just one... Just MONIKA! Hehe... ?
  5. Monika: The True Yandere?

    Yep! Plus, the only reason Yuri is so Yandere is because of Monika trying to change her by editing her gamefile. :3
  6. Most people quickly call Yuri the most Yandere character in Doki Doki, but Monika is even more Yandere. She might not weild a knife sharp enough to effortlessly cut through flesh, but she does 'delete' all of your friends so that you love her alone. Who is the most deadly here? I mean, Yuri is yandere, but she wouldn't kill her friends... Right?
  7. What's your first game you ever played?

    I have that game! My younger brother plays it all the time. My first game was Lego Star Wars on the Xbox when I was two or three years old... I had played tbe original Spyro when I was one, but I obviously don't remember it that well. For Lego it's 9/10, but overall it's about a 6.5/10 and I probably wouldn't play it again without a partner.
  8. Hello fellow Otaku! Today I am excited because I have found an old PSP ROM online and a PSP emulator to play this game! I know it's ~technically~ illegal, but I'd rather not but a working PS2 and a $60 game that I can't entirely read (I need to learn more than Hiragana) when I could play it and record it now. I will probably but the actual game for my collection someday anyway, so I don't mind as much. That being said, I am going to start playing it after this post! Make sure to PM me if you want a review from a fellow forum-er! :3
  9. Sexiest male and female video-game characters of all time?

    Asuna is the cutest, if you accept video game anime characters lol. :3
  10. Hey my fellow Otaku

    Welcome! Have fun on Anime Forums!
  11. Rate the Anime above you!

    I've never seen it. Lucky Star
  12. Okatus Unite!

    Thank you! I don't know anyone in real life with those interests combined. I guess I just talk about myself openly because I don't mind recieving criticism. I hope to see you around the forums! :3
  13. Waifu Thread

    My kawaii little moe Kona-chan... ~Doki Doki~ The one with blue hair. She is so cute!
  14. Okatus Unite!

    Greetings! I don't know how to say goodnight in Japanese without implying that I am going to sleep, so let's just leave it at that. My favorite anime is Lucky Star, and I might be a bit too into it... Kona-chan is my backround/lockscreen for every device... And my keyboard... Moving on, I am asexual but identify as panromantic, meaning I feel romantic attraction towards everyone regardless of sex or gender. However, this only occurs under specific conditions. This happens when someone is sweet, otaku, and carefree. This also only happens when I am asthetically attracted to them.These conditions include being moe, so kowaii ;3, having an otaku personality, having long colored hair, and usually wearing a school uniform. Basically only Anime, but I like it that way. Naturally, Kona-chan (Konata Izumi) is the perfect waifu for me. She causes cute aggression (something is so cute you want to hug it) in me and just makes me feel great. ~Doki doki~ Anyway, enough about my waifu. I enjoy Anime because of its story and kawaii characters. I don't care for the sexual appeal. That's why I am disappointed when a friend says they like Anime, but they only watch hentai. I tend to get little sleep on school nights and stay up really late watching Anime, then sleep for eight hours on the weekend and feel like I slept uncomfortably late. I have motivation issues and maintain A's and B's with rare studying. I have more Mid-terms tomorrow, but I devoted my studh time to Nightcore and Anime instead. This is one of the reasons I relate with Kona-chan so much. I am Otaku, and even though I love the idea of college and physics, I'll let my grades handle that. I can't save for college when there are so many collectibles, games, and posters to buy! I have obsessive compulsive tendencies that I am going to therapy for soon, and I also need someone unbiased to talk to. Some of these tendencies include obsessing over small things and maybe staying up all night... I like a lot of games, Anime, and books, auch as: Pokemon, Dragon Ball (Z, S), (obviously) Lucky Star, SAO (ik dont't cringe I like tbe concept the story could have been better), SAO 2, Charlotte, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Boku no Hero Academia, Doki Doki Lit. Club, WoW, SWTOR, Aura Kingdoms, LotR, Zelda games, Naruto (manga), AoT (manga), Pokemon (Anime and manga), Amulet (graphic novels)... Hundreds more! I don't mind being called a Weeb or a Weaboo by people, because it is kind of true. I am Otaku and I eat Japanese food, my mannerisms are Japanese, I know a good bit of Hiragana and words, and I am intrigued by Eastern religion. Anyway, I should probably go now. I look forward to seeing you all around. Sayonara!