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  1. So i can remember it again and follow the newly updated anime UQ!Holder
  2. For me ... hmmm i think the Golden Time characters
  3. @Peacock thank you for your cookies ... so how many are you family members you have ? @brycec i agree to that ... promises meant to be broken @Wedgy what kind of discussion ?
  4. @brycec Well mostly there are many Anime Series i like ... i really can put them down Mostly i like Angel Beats, SAO, AOT, DxD, etc. @Wedgy Really? I hope we can get along And hope we can be real friends guys
  5. I am Kenneth Troy Manguilimotan, i know its a long name but i like it anyway Im 18 years of existence. Still studying in Carcar Central National High School (Philippines). Love to edit movies and images, I enjoy listening to music, read a manga and books, always watch an anime everyday and play online games. I think this is enough for now. I hope we can be friends
  6. What do you think of anime in your life?
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