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  1. I finally got around to watching Re:Zero. I like it so far, but a large amount of the things Subaru says and does pisses me off a little. I've already saw the, "I love Emilia" scene over and over from watching anime cracks, but seeing how more and more Rem begins to like Subaru, I still get mad at Subaru.

  2. I did tear up when Sayori confessed her depression, and when I heard Monika sing her song, but I cannot think of any other moments. For the rest of the game, my heart was pounding with fear.
  3. Felicia is my one and only.
  4. As the title suggest, I would like to know what was the first manga that you completed reading, binged, or are binging currently. For me, my first manga series I started reading seriously was Hikaru no Go, but never finished. The first manga series I binge read was Shaman King, and I'm currently debating reading it again, since I forgot most of the story. I got obsessed with Shaman King, and read the entire series in 2 weeks or so. After that, I did the same with Bleach. I would stay up late at night reading it, completely absorbed by it. However, I drifted away from it, and I only now re
  5. Lately, I've felt a little happy. I finally got a Ps3, and I've been playing Disgaea 4 for a while, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. On top of that, I 've been drawing a lot more, which is good I guess. My mother it's always been my talent, I feel good that I'm doing something that makes my mother happy. I have also felt a bit stressed. I've finally got most of my highschool grades to passing, however, I'm still failing in 2 of them. But, I'm going to try my hardest to get them passing as well. What am I feeling currently? Content, for lack of a better wo
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