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  1. Milk and cereal, tonight I will make a thanksgiving feast.
  2. [ ]

    Shiro vs. Izuna Hatsuse

    Shiro although I do like Izuna's ears.
  3. Piano, guitar, Trumpet that's all sorry :'( What is the highest distance you've fallen?
  4. I was always water the first time trough on all games. Fire second time cause flames are all powerful!
  5. I dont think so lol. I did think my teacher was hot in 5th though. Have you ever been in love with your teacher?
  6. Welcome to anime forums Randi, its nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy your time here [sigpic][/sigpic]
  7. Shiro found it first and she told me to join:? Just because other than games I would watch anime sometimes so I wouldn't get tired of the game I was currently playing. She found it by google.ing and it looked the most creative and interesting. It also keeps me up when times are down
  8. [ ]


    It's (Steins;Gate = Awesome) Always will be one of my favorites, this is a must watch for every anime fan. My favorite character would have to be Makise Kurisu. Well other than Kyoma Hooin is just awesome! This series also started as a VN back in 09, But even talking about the beginning of the anime is talking about the end. I would love to post all of the details but I don't want to ruin it for any first timers out there. The Good What isn't The Bad You tell me
  9. What is your preferred operator, or are you just working on unlocking them for now?
  10. Played the Beta as well on someone's account, they erased all character information after the Beta ended. Do you have a preference on the attacking and defensive side?
  11. lol sometimes it does take a second time through to get everything that's happening. Parts in the beginning relate to parts in the middle and end and the other way around as well.
  12. Do Lamia's count? Cause Miia has RED hair lol
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