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  1. I finally got around to watching Re:Zero. I like it so far, but a large amount of the things Subaru says and does pisses me off a little. I've already saw the, "I love Emilia" scene over and over from watching anime cracks, but seeing how more and more Rem begins to like Subaru, I still get mad at Subaru.

  2. I did tear up when Sayori confessed her depression, and when I heard Monika sing her song, but I cannot think of any other moments. For the rest of the game, my heart was pounding with fear.
  3. Shovelry

    Waifu Thread

    Felicia is my one and only.
  4. As the title suggest, I would like to know what was the first manga that you completed reading, binged, or are binging currently. For me, my first manga series I started reading seriously was Hikaru no Go, but never finished. The first manga series I binge read was Shaman King, and I'm currently debating reading it again, since I forgot most of the story. I got obsessed with Shaman King, and read the entire series in 2 weeks or so. After that, I did the same with Bleach. I would stay up late at night reading it, completely absorbed by it. However, I drifted away from it, and I only now recently completed it. Now, I'm currently reading Black Clover and I'm trying to find where I left off on Soul Eater. So, what was the first manga you guys have completed?
  5. Shovelry

    First post on here

    From the album: Shovel's drawings

    I made the thief from Disgaea, sorry for the bad camera quality.
  6. "Ello there, Sarah. Welcome to the forums. Hope you'll make many good friends here.
  7. A name that I first came up with in mmos and the like was "Rockzake." At the time, I was into rocks, and I thought "Zack" was the coolest name ever, but needed a little spice; thus, Rockzake was created. Other than that, I would just use my real name combined with a random word, or, a name that references something I like. Something like "PvtPrinny" means I like Disgaea. Or the name I used here, "Shovelry" which, coupled with my signature, should signify I like Shovel Knight.
  8. Lately, I've felt a little happy. I finally got a Ps3, and I've been playing Disgaea 4 for a while, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. On top of that, I 've been drawing a lot more, which is good I guess. My mother it's always been my talent, I feel good that I'm doing something that makes my mother happy. I have also felt a bit stressed. I've finally got most of my highschool grades to passing, however, I'm still failing in 2 of them. But, I'm going to try my hardest to get them passing as well. What am I feeling currently? Content, for lack of a better word. Aside from better grades, I don't believe I desire something at the moment. But alas, I apologize for my long winded reply.
  9. Hey. Don't really know what else to say honestly, I'm not that good at being social, or talking to other people, as I stammer and stutter easily, and become a bit loud as I speak, even one of my few real life friends points it out. But hey, I'm sure there's many people here who are just like me here. I'm a fledgling artist and gamer, and if the above paragraph wasn't that clear, I'm not really that social, I tend to slowly drift away from social forums when I discover or get back into a game. When this happens, I start to feel like talking to other people, even those who are just like me, to be a chore. But I hope this doesn't happen with this one. As for what games I'm into, they're mostly just Street Fighter, Terraria, Minecraft (Sorry), and too many others to list. But, my current PC can only run Terraria, hope I find others who play it as well. As for anime.. Ehh... I've sort of not watched many recently, but I have been getting into Hellsing, My Hero Academia, and... Monster Musume (Sorry again.) I used to be into one called "MAR" but I honestly don't know what happened to that. I apologize if this post seems awkwardly written.
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